Women's Green Utility Jacket Outfit

Making others happy - that’s the reward.
— Meghan

Today's Fall Fashion Individual: Meghan

One of the most rewarding things we can do is give back to the community that has given us so much. Today's fall fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Meghan who is wearing a stellar green utility jacket outfit. Meghan is part of the Civic Leadership Program at her high school, and for her, the change they've made in their town has in itself brought a change in Meghan. The Civic Leadership Program has given her the opportunity to work with teenagers from all grade levels of her school and has enabled her to make new relationships that she may not have made otherwise. She loves being a more active part of her own education as well as the education of others. As a senior, Meghan is grateful to be a part of this outstanding group, and the lessons she learns here will stick with her for life.

As a civil leader, she is involved in plenty of community service as well as raising funds and awareness for multiple charities such as the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, Special Strides, and Relay for Life. It means a lot to Meghan because she gets to observe the smiles she puts on the faces of others. She also gets to see how her participation in even the little events can have a huge impact on all kinds of people. Making people happy is what in turn makes Meghan happy. It's truly a reward within itself. Meghan also says that civic leadership has vastly improved her own communication and social skills. She's learned the importance of being accepting and approachable, which she states has made her a better person. The program has made her accustomed to large crowds, but it has most importantly changed her outlook on life. She sees the significance in being open to new ideas, how being part of a team is key since we can't do everything ourselves, and putting ourselves before others.

Today's Green Utility Jacket Outfit

Meghan is wearing a trendy green utility jacket outfit for today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion. At the base, it beings will a pair of ladies' brown combat boots, a style choice you can't go wrong with this season. Next, shes rocking a pair of ripped classic denim jeans and a ladies' white crop top. Wrapped around her neck is a cozy and comfy knit scarf for the chilly fall temperatures. Last but not least, she's rocking a green utility jacket, perhaps one of the most popular pieces of clothing seen in this season's teen fashion. Meghan's earth tones found on most of her clothing articles really portray the look of this Autumn. In its entirety, Meghan's outfit is great composition for a night out on the town or an adventure through the gorgeous red, orange, and yellow forests.

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