Men's Late Fall Charcoal Sweater Look

No matter what happens with your life, keep moving forward.
— Lucca

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Lucca

Life always seems to always be an uphill battle. We don’t realize though that we can’t reach out peak potential if we don’t climb and fight for it. Today’s teen fall fashion and New Jersey fashion featured individual is Lucca who is rocking a late fall charcoal sweater look. Lucca’s years weren’t always perfect, but he still finds the drive to keep moving forward in life. At a very young age, his father left the family, and this placed Lucca as the man of the house who had take care of his sisters and his mother. He struggled with a broken heart from this experienced but was determined to make sure his family still felt whole. Yet even after this, Lucca provides an example that we can achieve anything in life regardless of the problems plagued with us.

As a young boy, Lucca never stopped striving for greatness. He was an extremely athletic kid growing up and loved to compete. Lucca mentions, however, that everything isn’t just about winning. The most important thing for him is to give a full one-hundred ten percent at every opportunity. Lucca says that we should never stop trying to reach the top and that in reality, there is truly no peak. We have, as he puts it, infinite possibilities, and all we need is confidence and belief in ourselves. There always is a will and a reason to keep going. It’s also always important to dream big because you never knew were you could end up. They say that the sky's the limit, but if that’s true, why are there footprints on the moon?

A large part of Lucca exited his life when he was seven as said before. For him, it was pretty nerve wrecking conflict, but it didn’t stop him from thinking for the future. His dreams are simple. He wants to travel the world one day and witness the beauties of nature. He wishes to seek new places, find beautiful sights, and live life to its fullest. For him, travelling the world provides an opportunity to educate himself in way that he can't fulfill in school. Lucca believes learning also comes from observing and considering other ways of life in order to take chances and risks that he won't regret. As long as we follow our dream, we are truly in a place of endless potential.

Today's Featured Fall Sweater Look

Lucca is rocking his own fall fashion sense in a charcoal sweater look on this quite bright and sunny day. From the bottom up, it begins with a pair of dark boots displaying the deeper tones as we creep into December. Next, he's wearing a pair of men's khaki chinos that work excellently with the rest of the shades of his outfit. His top is composed of two components. Underneath is a classic white short sleeve polo, a piece of apparel that's timeless, and a men's charcoal sweater with a quarter zip neck, a wonderful choice to stay warm yet stylish during the arrival of winter. All in all, Lucca is providing some superb fall fashion inspiration and a great look for early December fashion.

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