Mixing Men's Street and Outdoor Fashion

No matter what you feel, think before you act.
— Pierre

Today's December Fashion Individual: Pierre

Our ethnicity doesn't define who we are, but it is definitely a factor in who we become. As the teenage generation in America, we've come to cherish the fact that where we come from or where our family comes from plays no role in what we can do in our lives. No matter what anyone says, we can do whatever we put our mind to regardless of our background. Yet, our ethnicity is still a part of us to always be grateful for. Today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion individual, Pierre, is sporting an awesome mix of street and outdoor wear and speaks of his own Haitian culture. His parents have been telling him stories of Haiti since he was a little kid, but each time this young man visits the country, he truly gets to live and understand the life his parents spoke about as he was growing up. 

Pierre is American born, but is the son of immigrants. He belongs to a family who was fairly successful here in the states, and Pierre never felt poor. His parents were always able to provide him with clothes on his back, shoes on his feet, and food in his stomach. Unfortunately, a lot of people back in Haiti struggle to get such things. He's been back to Haiti eight times in his life, and once, Pierre and his parents returned to Haiti after the tragic earthquake of 2010. Most of us could never imagine returning to a country in ruins, but Pierre did in order to help his mother's side of the family. They worked on a large farm where food had to grown as opposed to being bought. Pierre got to see first hand how people had to learn to provide for themselves, and he truly had to put himself in the shoes of his parents before they came to the United States. 

Without a doubt, Pierre's experiences in Haiti have contributioned in molding who he is today. He's learned to watch what he says and who he says it to. He describes Haiti as a country where paradise is on one side, and around the corner, your life could be taken away if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Besides that, his culture has also inspired his passion for woodworking. When Pierre gets older, he wishes to become a carpenter. He calls it a sort of Haitian thing because over there, huge department stores like you'll find in America don't exist. On the island, people have to be creative and make things out of what's around them, and Pierre also comments that building your own things by hand will always be more rewarding than having items pre-made. 

Today's Late Fall Fashion Look

Pierre's featured look for today is a combination of elements from men's outdoor fashion and men's urban street fashion. The largest factor that contributes to this statement is his men's black, 6-inch, Timberland boots, which are originally intended for manual labor but have become ever popular in the apparel of city areas. Next, he's rocking a pair of khaki colored joggers, which never fail to be versatile with men's street outfits. His top is a stellar blue patterned shirt whose design and bronze colored buttons definitely add some personality. Finally, Pierre is wearing a warm men's black hooded jacket that has multiple layers to keep cozy in early December. It also matches his boots! All in all, Pierre's mix of the outdoors and the streets provide some awesome late fall fashion inspiration for a day in the forest or a day in the city.

Make this outfit: boots, joggers, shirt (1), shirt (2), jacket (Recreated to the best match on online retail)