Women's Oversized Green Shirt Look

With painting takes a lot of practice. It can get really repetitive, but it’s always worth it.
— Julia

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Julia

When we learn to appreciate visuals arts, we learn to appreciate the simple beauties of the world.  Almost anything can be turned into art with the right amount of ingenuity and creativity. The best thing about it is that it's really up to our own interpretation. No two people share the same view on the same piece and no two pieces are the same. Art is as unique as the creators behind it. Today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion featured individual is Julia, who is rocking an oversized green shirt look, and she is an artist herself. It's a passion that has had an impact on her since she first picked up the pencil. Her artwork acts as medium in which she can express herself like no other. Art has allowed her to showcase her thoughts through her compositions as well as helped her come out of her shell.

Julia has quite humble beginnings when it came to art. She started off drawing the cartoon characters she saw in shows, and that developed into her taking classes in her high school. Most importantly, Julia is grateful her school offers a variety of courses with a variety of teachers that always support and encourage their pupils. In the future, Julia hopes that she too can become an instructor of art. For now, she loves to draw faces, people, and anatomy. Julia mentions that it's interesting to create your own person that has it's own characteristics and personality. Besides people, art has also allowed Julia to be more observant of her environment and find new things in nature to inspire her work. A painting or drawing can truly be anything we put our minds to. 

Getting into art is not always easy, but anything that's worth it isn't going to be easy anyways.  Julia recalls that it was hard for her to take criticisms at first, and it was a bit uneasy when people didn't appreciate her work. Yet, overtime she came to realize that our own interpretation of our pieces is the most significant. In art, we can do what ever makes up happy. There's a plethora of different styles and an infinite amount of things to compose.  There's also other people's work to help inspire our own. Just like the universe, art has no limits. Going along with that, Julia says that art should take us out of our comfort zone. She admits to wanting to only draw what she felt familiar with, but with practice and patience, she was able to push herself to try new things. A well rounded artist is the one who takes risks. 

Today's Oversized Green Shirt Look

For today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion, Julia is wearing a look that really matches her personality of an artist. The reason this might be said begins with the oversized light green shirt which works excellently with the scenery behind her. Under that, she has on a dark green ringer tee, and the contrast between the outer and inner shirts really pops. This is followed by a pair of women's distressed denim, which adds personality with each rip and goes along with the lighter shade put forth by her oversized shirt. Finally, she's rocking a pair of classic black converse to go with the darker shade of her outfit. For today's late fall fashion look, Julia has created a set of apparel that truly gives a kind of insight to her love of art but also provides some great late fall fashion inspiration whether you are an artist or not.

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