Men's Black Varsity Jacket Look

A lion which is strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any;
— Proverbs 30: 30 KJV

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Isaiah

Our limits in life are more psychological than physical. We are bound by our thoughts, fears, and doubts. Today's December fashion and New Jersey fashion featured individual is Isaiah who is styling a men's black varsity jacket look. Ever since he was young, Isaiah has always felt like he was the outcast or perhaps the kid that was different among the others. Isaiah mentions that his peers made fun of or underestimated him. It's a difficult thing to grow up with those messages in your head so early on in life, but that has only made him stronger. Through Isaiah's own self realizations, he's discovered he's a lot tougher and has a lot more inside than anybody may have perceived on the surface. 

Isaiah found a passion in boxing, martial arts, and exercise. Each of those have made him stronger today. Growing up, no one would have ever though Isaiah was the kid to be involved in those things, but once he discovered his love for these, there was no stopping him. He's learned a great deal in boxing and martial arts. With difficult and grueling training came humility and respect towards others. Isaiah has been taught to be confident but never overconfident as well as to never abuse the skills he's acquired. The young athlete says that just because you have attained the ability doesn't mean you have to use it. What's equally as important as learning is teaching, and Isaiah has made it a point to pass on this passion so that others may learn to defend themselves as well.

Just like when he was little, Isaiah still believes he is different, but this time in a more positive light. As a high school student, he's not too big on partying like those around him. It's okay to be different from the crowd sometimes. He preaches that each one of us is a unique individual. Nobody can replicate who we are, and Isaiah says that we were made this way for a reason regardless of the criticisms of others. What truly makes us stronger is overcoming what tries to weight us down. Further on that topic, Isaiah adds that comparing ourselves to others doesn't promote our growth. We need to set our own goals and our own dreams. Everybody in the world has the potential to do something amazing. The only limitation is the mind.

The Men's Black Varsity Jacket Look

For today's December fashion and New Jersey fashion, Isaiah is rocking a great look for men's street outfits. Starting with his shoes, he's wearing a pair of Nike Air Way Up sneakers. This is followed by some men's black twill joggers, which are always a solid piece of apparel. Next, he has on a black and white graphic tee to add some flair underneath his superb men's black varsity jacket. Finally, on Isaiah's head is a black knit headband to keep cozy. His outfit definitely centers in on a single color, but it fits the darker theme of the approaching winter. He also excellently placed his white accents, which really pop out through the look. For today's fall into winter fashion inspiration, Isaiah has created an awesome composition for men's urban street style. 

Make this outfit: sneakers, joggers, shirt, jacket (1), jacket (2), headband (Recreated to the best match on online retail)