Women's Early Winter Fashion Inspiration

Friendships are precious, and you need to always hold onto them.
— Meghan

Today's Featured Fashion Duo: Meghan and Brianna

Friendship is perhaps one of the most fundamental social ideas within every human culture, but it is also one of the most important aspects of our existence. A special relationship between two people is enough to help us get through our day or rough times. Friends are shoulders to cry on but also people to celebrate the positives in life. Today's December fashion and New Jersey fashion featured duo are two girls who go back nearly five years ago. Their names are Brianna and Meghan and each are rocking light outfits for the beginning of the winter season. Together, they've been through it all whether it be boys, tests, or late nights working on one of their high school's theater productions.

Their relationship really blossomed back in the sixth grade. Meghan and Brianna found out they shared a great interest in musicals, which they both participate in, as well as having a common love for football. Their favorite memories, however, come from laying on the couch and watching Law and Order: SVU all night long while chowing down on pizza bagels and cinnamon rolls. In the process of making these snacks, Brianna has also learned how to use an oven from Meg. For each of them, there is no other person they could imagine doing these things with regardless of it being cooking or an evening of binge watching their favorite television shows. A best friend is a person that just has the ability to enhance any activity you do.

Meghan and Brianna are practically sisters in almost every aspect. They like to pose as twins occasionally and even have a fake last name for their portrayals. The pair call themselves the Salerno sisters. Yet, whether they are really related or not, they tell each other everything and keep no secrets between each other. Brianna mentions that she couldn't function without Meg in her life , and Meg adds that without Brianna, her life would be a lot less colorful. Each of the girls act as a therapist for the other and never fail to make the other laugh. Meghan hopes that their relationship will never change in the future.  It anything, they still have room to get closer and both comment that this is a sisterhood which neither will ever want to lose.

Today's Women's Early Winter Outfits

Brianna and Meghan are both providing some superb early winter fashion inspiration. On the left side is Meghan, and at the base, she has on a pair of ladies' black riding boots, a popular yet stellar choice of shoes. Next, she's wearing some red colored jeans that really stand out. To match her boots, Meg also has on a classic long sleeve shirt in black. Finally, around her neck is an awesome ladies' knit scarf decorated with a fantastic pattern and long enough to keep cozy. Brianna, on the right side, has an outfit first composed of ladies' black combat boots, another solid choice for shoes. Next, she's wearing versatile classic black leggings and a comfy women's red and black flannel. This young lady has topped it off with her own long gray knit scarf which works amazingly with the same piece of apparel found on Meg.

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