Men's Outdoor Fashion for Early Winter

You have to scale the mountain before you can observe the peak.
— Ryan

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Ryan

Life isn't just about what we can do for ourselves; life's about what we can for those around us. In today's world, there exists a plethora of different occupations that serve for the benefit of society such as being a teacher, doctor, or social worker. For Wednesday's men's outdoor fashion, we have a young man named Ryan who is making strides to become a nurse. With rising rates of male nurses in the medical world, Ryan won't just be working to fill a gender gap. He'll be working to save the lives of others. To him, becoming a nurse means being a part of something greater than himself. He says that this career provides an opportunity to do something he loves, helping those in need.

Ryan's first desire to work in the health care field came when his grandmother became ill, and he helped her along every step of the way. As he neared the end of high school, however, he also considered being a state trooper, another profession that aims to aid others. Yet, he couldn't quite see himself as one, and Ryan knew there had to be something else he would have a passion in. In his senior year, he took an anatomy course that was truly an eye opener for him. Ryan mentions that it was one of the first times he really enjoyed a class and the material taught was fun for him. After taking that class, it cemented his dreams of becoming a nurse and studying in the field when he entered college.

Currently, Ryan is a freshman at Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania which is a few hours from his hometown back in Jersey. College has gotten him even more eager to move forward with his decision because of how hands on he describes the program as. Next year, Ryan will have clinicals where he'll be working a variety of nursing jobs in the intensive care unit, emergency room, and operating room. This way, he can really figure out what field of nursing he'll want to specialize in. Currently, Ryan, who is currently on his winter break, says that school is pretty stressful but in the end it'll all be worth it. Once he earns his degree and begins his job in a hospital, he'll be able to look back at all he has accomplished in fulfilling the dream he has.

Today's Men's Outdoor Fashion Look

For today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion, Ryan is rolling with a men's outdoor look. At the base, he's rocking a pair of men's brown leather boat shoes, a classic and timeless style that he's wearing effortlessly. Next, he has on some gray chino pants that work perfectly with the shade of his shoes. This is followed by an awesome men's red, plaid, flannel shirt which delivers a great pop of color. Finally, Ryan's topped if off with a cozy and warm gray hooded jacket that's Sherpa lined. The darker tone of his jacket compliments the light tone of his pants. All in all, Ryan's men's outdoor fashion is providing some stellar early winter fashion inspiration.

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