Women's Outdoor Apparel for Early Winter

Everything always works out the way it’s suppose to.
— Katie

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Katie

A lot can happen in four years, especially while we're still young. We can go from immature, awkward kids to eager young adults in what seems to be a blink of an eye. Everything can change in this time ranging from how we dress to who we associate with to what we want to aspire to be down the line. Today's featured individual providing some amazing winter fashion inspiration is Katie who is rocking a women's outdoor apparel look. She explains how her influence by the surrounding world has shaped her to the person she is today and the person she wants to be tomorrow. Now a senior with a desire to study adolescent psychiatry, Katie takes the time to reflect on her earlier years in high school which in the perspective of things, wasn't all too long ago.

These days, Katie is in love with preppy clothing brands, but when she was in middle school, Katie describes herself as having no real sense of fashion what so ever. Yet, once Katie began high school, a friend from a private institution introduced her to brands such as Vineyard Vines, and thus her style that lives into the present was found. Her love of clothes has had some indirect positive affects on her though. For example, over the course of the last four years, Katie has become an incredibly hard worker and was motivated to get a job in order to pay for her new fashion tastes. It also taught Katie how to save and manage her money, a vital skill in adulthood. Who ever knew that fashion had benefits besides looking good? 

Further looking back on her high school experience, Katie remembers going through a lot of different friends. She mentions that she went from having around ten or so close friends to about three nowadays. Sometimes we only need a few significant people to fill joy in our lives. In retrospect, Katie sees her freshman and sophomore years as being inundated with a lot things she worried about that didn't end up being so important in the end. Katie adds that senior year truly teaches you to not feed off of all the drama running rampant, and being happy is all that really matters. She says that she spent a lot of time trying to please others instead of the most significant person, herself. Katie gives the advice that the last thing we need to do is let people walk all over us.

Today's Awesome Women's Outdoor Apparel

For today's fashion featured look, Katie is rocking some women's outdoor apparel which also hints her preppy side. Her top is a classic long sleeve shirt in white, a color you can never go wrong with. Next, she has on a pair of women's dark green pants, an interesting and eye catching color whose darker tone matches that of the oncoming winter. Katie's shoes are ladies' black combat boots with a cozy fold of fur at the top. Finally, the center piece of her outfit, the women's better sweater vest in a light gray hue from Patagonia, one of the most popular men's and women's outdoor clothing brands. This also completes her lighter shades found on the upper half of her apparel. No doubt. Katie has created some stellar inspiration for December fashion with her outdoorsy outfit! 

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