Men's Early Winter Gray Half Zip Sweater Look

Acts of kindness are better than any gift when you see how good it makes someone feel.
— Jake

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Jake

As Christmas slowly dawns upon us, we prepare for a season of giving. The gifts we buy are usually reserved for our closest family and friends with an occasional donation to those less fortunate. Today's December fashion and men's outdoor fashion featured individual, Jake, is rocking a men's gray half zip sweater look and speaks of his preparation to give back to his community this holiday. As part of his high school's civic leadership program, Jake and his peers try to improve their town all year long, not just Christmas. They help people they sometimes haven't seen before and aim to assist the students, elderly, children, and everyone in between. For Jake's assignment this holiday, his group plans to give a little boy the best Christmas he's ever had. 

For Jake and for many of us, Christmas is the most beautiful time of year. He loves everything about it including the cold weather, snow, and especially his winter break. Some people, however, don't get to fully experience all of joys of the holidays due to their disabilities. In his civic leadership class, they were given two families in need this year. The family Jake had been assigned to has a child named David who has eye cancer. It's a tragedy that cancer can affect just about anyone, even David who is only three. In turn, Jake and his team were more than determined to give this child the best Christmas he's ever had. Once Jake started describing what they had gotten, it's clear and evident that these students had gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Jake and his team bought David a ton of new things for the youngster to enjoy. They got him a mini-car to ride in, a bunch of new clothes for the growing boy, and a lot of awesome toys. This includes dinosaurs and toy trucks, all things directed to give David a smile on his face when he opens them. In addition to these items, the civic leaders have also purchased a bunk bed for David and his brother, Oliver. This Friday, the two brothers will be in attendance during the civic leaders' Christmas party to receive their gifts. Jake says he can't wait to see the look on David's face when he sees his presents. If there is anything Jake has been learning throughout this experience, it's that the ability to give is much more rewarding than receiving. 

Today's Men's Outdoor Fashion Look

For today's early winter fashion inspiration, Jake is rocking a men's outdoor fashion look. It starts with a pair of men's brown leather chukka boots, perfect for the season. This is followed by slim light wash jeans that go well with the shade of his shoes. Next, Jake's wearing a men's turquoise check shirt that goes with the light hue of his classic denim. Finally, he has on a gray half zip sweater to finish off his look. Jake's double layers provide a pretty warm composition to fight the temperatures falling into the lower forties. His whole outfit also follows more brighter tones, providing a sense of fun in a season that can sometimes feel a little dark. With all things considered, Jake has put together a stellar look for men's outdoor fashion in mid-December.

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