Women's Patterned Sweater Look for Winter

It’s more than just dancing that we do.
— Amanda

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Amanda

Everything in life is both a give and take, and this Christmas season it feels great to receive gifts but even better to be able to deliver them to someone else. Yet, this holiday isn't the only time where we can help others. Our service to our community is an activity that should be participated in all year long. Today's December fashion featured individual, Amanda, is rocking a wonderful women's patterned sweater look and speaks of her dance studio's initiative to use their art form as a way to inspire and uplift others. Our talents can be powerful tools in improving the lives of others. Sometimes a performance is enough to bring the audience to tears or put a smile on their faces.

Amanda's been enrolled in her dance studio for almost a decade now. She's created friendships that will last a lifetime and has done performances that have changed people for a lifetime. Aside from her rigorous competitions, Amanda's crew also aims to take the time to dedicate pieces to those who are no longer with us. One of the dances they had done was after the passing of the mother of one of the girls that had graduated from the studio. They created choreography for the song "Rise Up," and Amanda says that she felt as though she and the other girls had given the young lady the courage and strength to move forward after the tragedy. Amanda also remembers seeing a smile on her face following the performance.

Also trying to do their part to benefit the community, Amanda's dance studio also takes part in Drea's Dream, a foundation that helps kids in need. Specifically, they are an organization that funds dance therapy in hospitals for young children battling cancer or who have special needs. The woman who has the charity's name sake, Andrea Rizzo, fought cancer herself at young age and survived, but was killed by a drunk driver in New York more than fourteen years ago. Amanda is grateful that the performances she does to raise money for this foundation ends up teaching other children to do what she loves. It also helps her know that she's playing her part in the fight against cancer. Mentioned by Amanda too, she says that if we have something we love to do, we can always apply it towards a worthy cause.

Today's Stellar Women's Sweater Look

For today's December fashion and teen winter fashion, Amanda is rocking a stellar sweater look that's perfect for the holiday season. Of course, it begins with the women's patterned sweater that's very iconic for the Christmas period and is perfect for holiday occasions this month. The bright white design across the top of the sweater also gives a pop against the darker fabric. Following this, Amanda is also wearing a pair of women's dark blue jeans. You can't go wrong with some classic denim any time of the year. Finally, she's styling a pair of ladies' black riding boots, always a popular choice and a great go-to pair of boots. Amanda's overall darker palette goes well with the feel of the season. Anyways, Amanda is providing awesome early winter fashion inspiration with her simple and casual sweater look. 

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