Men's 3 Button Pullover Sweater Look

Nobody is stopping you but yourself.
— Dom

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Dom

For an athlete, what seems like a blink of an eye can turn into the end of a season. Serious sports injuries are enough to end careers in a few cases. However, how quick we can get back on the field is often determined by our own mental strength to do so. Today's December fashion featured individual, Dom, is providing some solid early winter fashion inspiration and looks back on his football experiences over two years ago on the local youth team. Dom remembers that after gaining some much needed experience, he began to earn his place on the team and eventually became the starting running back. At that moment, he strived to be the best athlete out on the field. His first scrimmage that season included one-hundred fifty rushing yards and three touch downs.

Dom recalls his first real game as being quite the battle. It was a much tougher team this time, but he had faith that his own team could still pull through for a victory. After a scoreless first half, the opposing team scored in the third quarter. Ready to get even, Dom was quickly given the ball after his quarter back yelled, "Hut." Before he knew it, he reached the five yard line but was swiftly tackled, twisting his ankle. Not knowing the severity of his condition, Dom tried to stand up but fell right away. At that point, he knew it could be the end of his season. He had to be carried off the field and transported to a hospital right away. The doctors informed Dom that the fifth metatarsal in his foot had been broken. 

Inside, it hurt to know that the first season where he got to start in had come to a quick end. Everyday, Dom tried to strengthen and heal his foot. After two weeks, an x-ray revealed that his recovery was coming along very well. In another two weeks time, he eligible to return to football. By that point, he only had two games left, but he had never been so happy. After getting back on track at practice, he attended his first game after the injury. In a stellar performance, Dom had one-hundred twelve yards, three touchdowns, and an interception. For him, it was a dream come true. He knew at the point that all his hard work over the past month to get back on his feet had paid off. 

Today's Comfy Outdoor Sweater Look

Dom is rocking a cozy outfit for today's men's outdoor fashion. This winter, it's all about the awesome sweater looks, and Dom is providing one of his. Of course, it starts off at the top with the men's 3 button pullover sweater with a mock neck to keep warm. This is followed by a pair of men's cream joggers, which are also an essential for urban street style. Then, Dom has on some awesome men's rust Timberland boots, which are built for adventure but also another popular trend in street fashion. In addition to the rest of his look, he's also wearing a men's classic leather jacket, an iconic piece of apparel even over half a century ago. For today's early winter fashion inspiration, this young man is killing it with his own style.

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