Rocking a Women's Reversible Fleece Jacket

Just have fun and go with the flow.
— Helena

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Helena

Have you ever met someone in a place hundreds of miles away from your town, but that person actually lives only a few miles from where you come from? That's absolutely crazy. What are the chances? This is exactly what happened to today's December fashion and teen winter fashion featured individual, Helena. She recalls a family vacation this summer where she met a young man that was her age who eventually became her boyfriend. Although she was far away from her home on this vacation, it turns out that her soon to be significant other resided only a five minute drive away from her house back in Jersey. Sometimes, the most amazing coincidences can occur in our lives, and on occasion, these coincidences start to feel more like fate because of what comes out of them.

Helena calls it a "best day of my life" kind of memory on her family vacation this summer to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a popular tourist spot along the East Coast. She traveled down with her friend, Elisa, and her parents rented out a spacious eight bedroom house right on the beach. Every morning, Helena and Elisa had breakfast on the beach, walked across the sand, and enjoyed a game of cards on the porch. For her, it was absolute paradise. The two friends would turn on Pandora Radio and jam out to every single song together too. They also went swimming in the warm yet rough water but savored every moment as the waves crashed down on them. Yet, the best part of her week had yet to come.

Things seemed to get even more interesting when they were invited to game of softball with another group of vacationing kids. One of the other teenagers there was a guy named Ryan, and after the game, they went to grab ice cream and then strolled along the beach as the sun set. Helena and Ryan joked about a couple things, and she automatically gave him her phone number the following day. Who says the girl can't make the first move? It turned out that by pure chance, Ryan lived only a few miles away back in their home state of New Jersey, literally in the neighboring town. From there on out, they instantly clicked and ended up going on three dates in a row. The pair spent the rest of the summer going to local beaches and fairs and are still going strong today.

Today's Teen Winter Fashion Outfit

For the day's teen winter fashion and December fashion, Helena is rocking an outfit featuring a women's reversible fleece jacket. Starting at the bottom, she has on a superb pair of ladies' black combat boots with over two inch heels. Next, Helena has on some women's ripped denim jeans, giving a sense of personality with the assortment of tears. Her top is a simple women's gray t-shirt that has a short length to compliment the high rise of her pants. Finally, she's styling a women's mossbud swirl reversible jacket from North Face with two sides to keep warm and cozy this season. The black color also match that of her shoes too. For today's winter fashion inspiration, Helena is providing a look that'll keep her both stylish and comfy during this December.

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