Rolling with the Men's Blue Flannel Shirt

Never put your head down because everytime you fail it allows you to learn from the experience.
— Jacob

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Jacob

Our lives center around a single task: to succeed. This could apply to just about anything including work, family, athletics, or academics. Yet, once in a while, we don't get what we want. As much as we win, we lose. Today's early winter fashion and December fashion featured individual, Jacob, is rocking his own style centered around a men's blue flannel shirt. Moving away from fashion, Jacob speaks of his journey to the national finals for his soccer division. His New Jersey based team had been playing and progressing together all their lives, and it was time to enter into a regional tournament during the summer. They knew that they were far from the best in the state but had the confidence to compete since no team had the same chemistry. Jacob and his crew were a band of brothers and best friends. A successful team also begins with a successful foundation between its members. 

Then they won every game they competed in. The boys made it up to the regional finals against a team they had lost to prior to the tournament. Jacob knew it'd be a tough one, but they pulled through in overtime with a final score of 2-1. The victory put them in a qualifying position to enter into the national tournament along with another New Jersey team who was ranked higher than them. The national event was held all the way out in Colorado, and the boys flew over early to acclimate to the high elevation, providing a slight edge over their competitors. Jacob and his crew won their first two games, but unfortunately, they lost their third to the reigning champions from the Golden State of California. It seemed hopeless now, but it wasn't quite yet over when they were told that they had clinched the wild card due to having the best record.

Their recent adversaries returned, and Jacob's New Jersey team was pit once again against the California boys in the semi-finals. This was another monstrous tasks. Not only were they the reigning champions as previously stated, but Jacob's team just lost to them. The guys from Jersey reentered the field with a new confidence and new tactics with only one goal in mind: to win. They did just that and took the victory with a score of 4-2. Now the finals came around. As it turns out, their opponents ended up being the only other team from Jersey, pitting what perhaps could have been neighbor versus neighbor. Never in his life had Jacob played a game so crucial. They scored an early goal but lost their lead late in the game, tying the score at one all. Overtime didn't decide a thing, and it came down to shoot out. Their luck seemed to come to a close, and in great despair, Jacob and his team lost the national finals in penalty kicks.

It was heartbreaking. Second can often be the hardest place to come in because it meant that victory was only a small step away. Yet, we don't always have to measure life in wins, and the journey itself can be equally as rewarding. For Jacob, the takeaway was being able to fully cement lifelong bonds with his teammates as well as for the sport of soccer itself. He learned that life isn't always fair, and it doesn't always have a fairy tale ending like we want for it to. Yet, the lessons and morals we are taught along the way hold the real value. Of course, he'll never forget the magnitude of losing the final game on a national level, and everyone loves to win. At the end of the day, however, Jacob and his comrades put their best foot forward, figuratively and literally, and that will always count for something.

Today's Teen Winter Fashion Look

Having written so much about soccer, it's time to talk about the rocking December fashion and teen winter fashion that Jacob has on for today's featured outfit. It begins with a pair of men's tan desert boots, always a superb choice as we step into the colder season. Next, he's wearing a pair of dark beige pants to keep these more darker tones rolling. This is followed by a classic white t-shirt, which is always timeless and popular. Finally, Jacob has on a men's blue flannel shirt whose white stripes match and compliment that hue of his tee. Having a patterned top also creates a nice focal point for the look. All in all, this young soccer star is sharing his own apparel for some awesome winter fashion inspiration.

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