Bringing Out the Gucci Denim Jacket

Stop and think about all the positive things.
— Gabby

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Gabby

Our generation grew up with the internet. While our parents see this form of communication and information as sometimes foreign, to us, it's almost second nature to post a picture or like someone else's. In this day and age, the world is now more connected than ever. In an instant, a person across the country can receive a Snapchat and return one in a matter of seconds. That's the marvel of the time we live in, but it doesn't come without its downsides. Today's December fashion and teen winter fashion individual, Gabby, is rocking a Gucci embroidered denim jacket and speaks of the problems we face today as being part of a culture that can be connected by a single click.

We can all relate. Most of us tend to have a pretty positive opinion of ourselves, but once we see a negative comment, it gets to us. For Gabby and perhaps for many, we never see such rudeness and ill feelings until we slide open our phones. She mentions that most times, mean comments in her life only ever happen over social media. Gabby is familiar with the fact that when you have people who dislike you, it means that you must be doing something right. Yet, for her, that notion doesn't always stand as it feels as if every other day, someone, who she may have never met before, has something impolite to mention to her. No matter how generous and compassionate we are and strive to be, this problem keeps reoccurring. The unfortunate truth is that it'll probably never go away. It can only be reduced.

These days, it's hard to tell what people want from us, considering they want anything at all. Gabby adds in that she receives a plethora of positive remarks from those around her all the time, but it seems as though one mean thing takes that all away. It's like this single negative remark is the only one that sticks in her and our minds. Gabby says that she may not be able to recite every nice thing she hears, but Gabby can surely remember all the rude ones. That's just how us humans are hard wired. It's the bad that sticks in our minds, no matter how many good things happen. We live for perfection, and when it isn't that way, we get thrown off track. Gabby, however, will never reciprocate the negativity given to her. This young lady adds in that it's just plain pointless to spend our time trying to knock down others. In reality, the best way to build ourselves up is to build up others as well.

No matter what we hear, everyone has a dream, including Gabby. In the future, she wants to be a psychiatrist. That's something she's aimed for since she was thirteen. Some people in college don't even know what they want to be yet. A dream doesn't come without its naysayers. Just like social media, Gabby doesn't always receive positive feedback when she mentions her aspirations, but that hasn't stopped her. After she graduates high school, she wishes to attend Liberty University in Virginia for biopsychology and soon followed by medical school for a doctorate. Gabby wants to take up a residency before beginning a practice of her own. She's excited to see what the future holds for her. Yet, she'll just have to let fate decide in the meantime since wherever she may end up will happen for a reason.

Today's Awesome Women's Winter Fashion

For today's December fashion and teen winter fashion, Gabby is rocking an awesome outfit. Beginning at the base, she's wearing a pair of classic black vans whose added white accents create a color scheme that is flexible for a variety of different looks. Next, Gabby has on a pair of women's black cotton leggings, by far a girl's best fashion friend. Above that is a black crop top to keep that color going throughout her apparel. The darker shades are always quite characteristic of the winter. Finally, the main piece of her outfit, the beautiful Gucci embroidered denim jacket filled with a stunning array of flowers. The relative simplicity of the rest of her look makes this piece stand out and having it shearling lined means it'll keep Gabby cozy and warm. Now, there isn't a single negative thing anybody can say when Gabby is looking absolutely gorgeous in this outfit.

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