Women's Apparel from Christmas Fashion 2016

It’s the one day of the year where everyone in my life is happy.
— Niya

Today's Fashion Featured Pair: Jennelle and Niya

Happy Holidays! No matter what you celebrate, there is always something to be joyful for today. For Jennelle (on the right below) and Niya (on the left below), who are rocking some great looks for Christmas Fashion 2016, their friendship is definitely something to be cheerful for. These two girls have been together since their first days in school. Their parents were both heavily involved in their education and planning its activities, so Niya and Jennelle would always be at each other's houses and practically grew up together. Together, they experienced a lot of pivotal moments like various graduations as they went from elementary to the end of high school. Yet, the cap and gown day on the end of their senior year wouldn't end this absolutely amazing relationship. Their journey as best friends still had a another chapter in store for them.

Niya and Jennelle were always close but they became even closer during their last year of high school. They led their field hockey team together to make history, and afterwards, their bond only got stronger and stronger. By this time, each was already wondering where they'd attend college the following fall. It was going to be a challenge to be far away from each other. Towards the end of her decision period, Niya centered on going to Stockton in South Jersey, and tried to convince Jennelle to go as well. Once Jennelle visited, she too fell in love. Soon enough, both agreed on Stockton and became roommates. Not many people thought they could live together as well as they did, but the pair pulled it off quite well for their first semester. Jennelle comments that she couldn't imagine living with anyone else, and their sisterhood will continue well into the future. 

Today is Christmas, and families worldwide are taking part in the celebration including those of Jennelle and Niya! Both of them wake up bright and early to open their gifts on Christmas morning. Then, each one makes breakfast including some delicious French toast! Afterwards, Jennelle, her siblings, and her parents enjoy a meal at home and then prepare to visit her aunt for some scrumptious dessert. Niya's Christmas evening follows a similar but different format. All of her aunts, uncles, and cousin's from both sides of her family visit her house. They all exchange their gifts and play iconic games such as the hilarious Apples to Apples. They finish offer their evening by giving funny fake gifts such as a can of soup in a box, a jar of cat food, or perhaps some beef jerky to have a couple laughs.

Christmas is more than just a day off. Jennelle calls it a time to spend with her family and be grateful for everything she has as well as taking an initiative to give back to those in need. For Niya, it's her favorite holiday, and it really means a lot to her because it's the one day of the year where every single person she has in her life is happy. She greatly values happiness because we live in a world that often struggles to find that. Niya wishes for everyone to smile and enjoy themselves. Christmas is one of those periods that makes such a thing possible and is filled with warmth and warm feelings that you get to experience with ones you love the most. It's the day where all our problems seem to vanish, and we can live a little worry free.

Today's Rocking Outfits for Christmas Fashion 2016

For today's December fashion and Christmas fashion 2016, both Jennelle and Niya are rocking two outfits for not only this holiday season but the winter season in general. Beginning with Niya, she's wearing a pair of women's brown leather combat boots, perfect for the time of year. This followed by some women's ripped skinny jeans, which you can never go wrong with, and a navy blue crew neck sweater. Moving onto Jennelle, her apparel first consists of a pair of women's brown leather chelsea boots. This is continued by classic denim jeans, a white knit sweater, and a women's fringe poncho with a red and white flannel-like pattern. Its color scheme is definitely very fitting for this Christmas day. Of course, both of the girls have on awesome Santa hats to enhance their great Christmas spirit. For today's winter fashion inspiration, each young lady is bringing you a stellar outfit that'll be nice and cozy for today and the coming cold months.