A Pinch of Women's Vintage Fashion

Always have their back because they’ll do the same for you in return.
— Marielle

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Marielle

There are moments where we question who are true friends in life are. Although we may not fully realize it, our best friends can be the ones we're given at birth, our siblings. It's not all smooth sailing and no relationship is perfect, but nothing is perfect anyways. For today's January fashion and teen fall fashion individual, Marielle, her twin sister is her go to gal when things get rough. Having a twin is a very special gift to have. It's a person who you grow up with every step of way who goes the through the same experiences as you do at the same time. The level of understanding between Marielle and Caitlin, her twin, is beyond imaginable.

As Marielle describes her, Caitlin is brutally honest, genuine, a firecracker of a sister, and her right hand woman. Growing up, they had this unspoken understanding that no matter what happens, they will always stand by each other. Loyalty between the pair developed ever since they were little such as when they would standing up to an intimidating babysitter or by sharing their future aspirations as they grew older. Marielle knows that if the world ever turned against her, Caitlin would still be there, and it is this reassurance that has allowed Marielle to get through difficult times. No matter who or where they end up, the two will always love each other. Even when they attend college soon, they plan to keep their relationship stronger than ever.

Surprisingly, Marielle feels their sibling rivalry is pretty low. Although they do fight, both only wish to see the other succeed. Contrary to prior belief, Marielle also feels that having a twin has honed her own individuality and independence. However, the girls still have to function as a team especially during their passion of competitive sailing. They started at the age of eight at a local yacht club and instantly became partners. Marielle and Caitlin have been dubbed “the twin terrors.” The duo are a bit notorious for their screaming during their events with conflicting ideas but it all eventually works out. Their shared competitive nature has actually earned them a lot of wins at large regattas.

Today's Women's Winter Fashion Inspiration

For today’s featured look, Marielle’s rocking a bit of women’s vintage fashion. The reason this might be inferred begins with the main piece of the outfit, her women’s Sherpa lined corduroy jacket which is very reminiscent of the corduroy trend back in the 70s. Marielle is also wearing a gray off the shoulder top underneath her jacket. This knit sweater further continues her neutral tone color palette. Then, she has on a pair of classic denim jeans, always a solid choice in any set of apparel. Finally, Marielle is wearing some ladies’ black riding boots, a staple of teen winter fashion. Surely, her winter fashion inspiration will be great for any casual look this chilly season.

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