Men's Black Hooded Cardigan Look

Always give back to those less fortunate.
— Devon

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Devon

It's the season of giving, but it's also the season of giving back. There are always less fortunate people out there who struggle to put food on the table. Today's December fashion and teen winter fashion individual, Devon, is rocking a men's long black cardigan look. Aside from his love for fashion, Devon also has an initiative to help those in need not only during this holiday period but for the rest of his life. He's been volunteering for his church ever since he was little and wishes to become a nurse in the future. There is really no better position for a person who wants to devote their days to aiding and saving the lives of others. Yet, he shows that if we've got a dream, we have to work for it today. 

Devon knew he wanted to be involved in human resources and being a nurse just sounded perfect for him. After he finishes high school, Devon wants to attend college in order to earn his nursing degree. He'll become one of the few males in this field, but they are gradually increasing within the occupation. Nursing has always been thought of as a role for women, but as we step into a new generation with a new mindset, anybody can be anything they want. Devon knows, however, that he'll still have to work hard in his studies and stay humble. Dreams don't just come true out of thing air, and Devon has put his heart and soul into preparing for being a nurse.

This stylish young man has received a lot of support from his church and family who have motivated Devon to do what makes him happy. He's always been told to pray for what he sets his mind to but also to take action in addition to that. Since he was little, Devon seemed to have a knack for helping others and has been volunteering to aid other kids. During the holidays, he would go with his church to feed the hungry as well. Giving back to his community was always a goal for him. With Devon, it doesn't matter that he doesn't receive anything in return. Rather, the reward comes in a sense of inner peace, happiness, and a realization of being grateful for what he has. 

Today's Awesome Winter Fashion Inspiration

Devon is showing his own style of December fashion and teen winter fashion. At the bottom, he's rocking a pair of men's black suede chukka boots with some tan accents to add some flair. This is followed by some men's black biker jeans with ribbed moto details above the knee. Devon's outfit definitely centers on more of those darker winter tones, but his addition of a red crew neck t-shirt provides a great pop of color. Finally, he's wearing a men's black hooded cardigan that shows the oversized look that's growing ever popular in men's street style. Not just anybody can do an oversized piece, but Devon proves that he totally can. For today's winter street wear, this aspiring young nurse is giving his own stellar winter fashion inspiration.

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