Popping Ladies' Poncho Sweater Look

It’s important to have someone to turn to for words of wisdom every now and then.
— Jaclyn

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Jaclyn

Father's Day isn't for another six months, but it doesn't mean that we can't appreciate them any day of the year. Having a dad is definitely one of the greatest gifts we can be given and the older we get, the more we tend to see the value in having one. Today's December fashion and teen winter fashion individual, Jaclyn, speaks about one of her best friends, her dad. Her father has always been a huge part of her life, and she is very grateful for him this holiday season. Every since she was little, he always made an effort to make time for Jaclyn and her sister, Julia, even though he's a police officer.  Through it all, he's always been a greatly significant figure.

Jaclyn describes her father as a hilarious man who's always cracking jokes. After her parents got divorced, Jaclyn's dad was still always around and never became one of those "divorce dads" that only see their kids on the weekends. As an officer of the law, he also has a bunch of crazy stories and life advice to share from his experiences on the force. Although he is a police officer, Jaclyn calls her father a gentle soul would do anything for anyone. Jaclyn adds that she is very open with him and can tell her dad anything. He's both a parent and a best friend, a difficult but do-able balancing act. 

Sometimes, it's a bit quirky to have a police officer father considering that other people may see him differently due to the latest law enforcement controversies. It's odd for Jaclyn to imagine her father making arrests and chasing suspects because when he arrives home he becomes a "goofy comedian." She believes that the police don't deserve the bad wrap they get on social media. Jaclyn recalls that her father was refused service at a restaurant while in uniform too. That's a bit ridiculous. Yes, there are crooked cops out there, but every profession has its wrong doers. However, for every one bad cop, there are at least a thousand good ones. It's important to remember that the police in our neighborhoods are here for our protection before anything else. When we're in trouble, they're the first people we call.

Today's Women's Poncho Sweater Look

For today's teen winter fashion and December fashion, Jaclyn's bringing us an awesome outfit for the season. Starting at the base, she's rocking a pair of women's black cut out ankle boots. Then, Jaclyn has on a pair of classic black leggings to continue the look. Next, switching colors, she's wearing a ladies' white, long sleeve t-shirt. Finally, the signature piece of her apparel, the ladies' poncho sweater with a patterned design across filled with blacks, grays, and whites. Definitely, her center on these shades delivers an excellent contrast throughout the apparel. For today's winter fashion inspiration, Jaclyn's providing an on point poncho look.

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