A Timeless Tale and Timeless Fashion

I hope there is someone out there who sees me and realizes that he or she doesn’t have to act anymore.
— Quinn

The Words Behind Today's Featured Individual

During the Friday nights throughout the Autumn, you'd find him on the sidelines of his high school football games as part of the dance team. He was the only male and was very visible due to his tall height and all black attire. For Quinn, today's winter fashion featured individual, every time he performed for the entertainment of the crowd, less people began to see him as "that guy who dances" and rather saw the team as whole, regardless of who was in it. Quinn believes that people who are different should be different, but their uniqueness doesn't have to garner any additional or unneeded attention. At the end of the day, we're all just human beings looking for our own corner of happiness and trying to do our thing.

For as long as Quinn could remember, he knew he was gay. It initially scared him that he wouldn't conform to the usual conventions of a normal life like marrying a girl or having kids. Yet, Quinn wouldn't hide his sexuality, and realized that this would just have to become normal for him. At the end of it all, Quinn will still get a ring and be proposed to, get married, and have a family and kids of his own. The path to happiness didn't change, and the problem for him was never trying to fitting in. Life for the Quinn is just about being. The real challenge, as he puts it, is to help the world to accept that we all have are differences but these distinctions should be seen for what makes us whole rather than separate.

Quinn is more than just a dancer. He's a singer and actor as well, and in the theater world, this is referred to as a "triple threat." If you've ever watched him perform, there's no doubt that he's amazing and blessed with talent. Yet, the stage is the only place where Quinn has "to fit" in because it's his job. Here, he's required to change himself, and it takes work. For a young man who preaches to embrace our individualism, he has to strip his away when he enters the spotlight, and that is by no means any easy task. However, Quinn can't imagine what life must be like for people who have to hide behind a mask and act all the time.

Being a talented performer has definitely gotten Quinn noticed by his community. He'll get called to sing the National Anthem at local events, choreograph dance numbers around school, or get the lead part in major productions in his area. It means a lot to him as an artist to have this kind of recognition. He realizes that it also calls him to carry responsibilities, but it also allows Quinn to be able to address important issues through to his audience. His talent has given him a platform, but its his experiences as a thespian that have prepared him for other stage as talked about before, the football field.

Going back to the initial topic, from September to November, he's out there on the field doing his thing along with twenty other dance team members who are all girls. He knows that he isn't the star of the show out there like he may be in the theater, and that it's a team effort. Quinn is glad though that people are beginning to see them as just a dance team rather than a team plus a boy. At the same time, he hopes that there might be someone in the audience who sees him and realizes that he or she doesn't have to act anymore. Quinn says that if we can see ourselves for less of our differences, the world will ultimately be a better place, and he plans to keep proving this every time he's dancing with his team.

Today's Classic and Timeless Men's Look

This young man is showing his own style of December fashion and teen winter fashion. Starting at the bottom of this timeless and classic outfit, Quinn is rocking a pair of men's brown leather combat boots, very fitting for the winter boot season. Moving on, he's wearing dark wash denim jeans whose deeper tone works well with his shoes. His top is a men's gray turtleneck sweater to keep cozy at the collar. Finally, Quinn has on a tan double breasted trench coat to add a lighter connotation that completes his awesome look. He also centers on more neutral colors, which makes his pieces work well with a variety of things. For today's winter fashion inspiration, Quinn is providing a set of stellar apparel for any man's closet. 

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Hope you enjoyed today's post about Quinn, and Paulo Paradox wishes you a Happy New Year. Cheers to 2017, which will be another amazing time.