Women's Late Fall Urban Outfitters Look

Life isn’t an easy thing, but if it was easy, it wouldn’t be interesting.
— Alina

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Alina

For an athlete, there is a greater fear than losing a game. The greatest fear is losing the ability to play. That was almost a reality for today's December fashion featured individual, Alina, who is rocking an Urban Outfitters look. Alina is an avid soccer player, and she has loved the sport ever since she could walk. Unfortunately, her ability to even walk would soon be stripped away when she tore her ACL during a scrimmage game for her high school. Alina was told by her doctors that she needed surgery and that was perhaps the most nerve wrecking part. She'd never gotten surgery in her life before but didn't cry because she didn't want her parents to know how upset she was. When surgery day came, it was beyond hectic. Alina describes that it was hell between the pain and incapability of moving. What's most amazing though is her road to recovery after the incident.

The moment she tore her ACL, she automatically knew she had a long road ahead if she ever wanted to even step foot on the soccer field again. Her therapy including tons of hours, and when she wasn't in therapy, Alina was working out in the weight room. Her leg had near shut down after surgery. The first thing she had to do was regain muscle strength and relearn simple leg mechanics including lifting it and walking. She was, however, extremely motivated to make her comeback. Our recoveries are just as much physical as they are mental. Yet, she was also frightened by what she loved the most, soccer. Alina injured herself doing the sport she grew up in. What use to bring her a simple joy now caused her tears at the thought of it.

As much as she was motivated, Alina contemplated that it must have been impossible to reach the level she was before the injury. There were so many times when she broke down. It was sometimes hard to see the point in trying to get back. This was until she remembered the strong support group she was surrounded by. Without them, Alina comments, her road to recovery wouldn't have been as successful. Her physical therapists constantly motived and pushed Alina to keep working hard. The athletic trainer at her school constantly reminded her that the hours she was putting in wouldn't go in vain. There was no option for her but to keep going even though it got hard. Her family, of course, never stopped believing in Alina's abilities. They were her comfort and her helping hand when she fell.

Fast forward to a year later and Alina is now back on the field. She's grateful this setback didn't stop her from her passion. Alina learned that in life, we're going to encounter obstacles and struggle. She now knows life wasn't meant to be easy. Alina also reminds that we have to keep going no matter what gets in our way. Our downfalls should be appreciated as much as our triumphs. Alina's advice is to do what you love and love what you do. Most importantly, she adds to never take anything for granted because you never knew when you could lose it. Whenever she plays, she embraces every opportunity because she knows it could very well be her last. Alina is thankful her ACL didn't spell the end of soccer for her. These days, she sees her setback as something that shaped her into who she is today. Every struggle eventually turns into a little part of us that contributes to who we are.

Today's Awesome Urban Outfitters Look

For today's fall fashion look, Alina is rocking an outfit that's just as amazing as her story. Her look is from Urban Outfitters, perhaps the most iconic store of the current generation. The main piece of her apparel is the patterned and cream shawl cardigan, a snug choice for the season with a bold but perfect design. Underneath, she's wearing a surplice tee to match the color of the pattern on her sweater. This is followed by a pair of women's ripped black skinny jeans and women's black heeled ankle boots. Her darker tone definitely fits the personality of the coming winter. Black is by far one of the most versatile colors to wear and Alina has styled the shade perfectly. Her cardigan excellently stands out due to its contrasting lightness. For today's teen fall fashion and New Jersey fashion, Alina provides an awesome Urban Outfitters look for your clothing inspiration.

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