Rising Fashion Brands: Diskko

Disco deserved a better name, a beautiful name because it was a beautiful art form. It made the consumer beautiful. The consumer was the star.
— Barry White

Today's Fashion Featured Company: Diskko

It takes a lot of motivation and drive to start your own fashion brand, especially when you're only 16. Today's December fashion feature is a tad bit out of the ordinary compared to the usual posts but is nonetheless just as special. Say hello to Diskko, a rising name not only in the department of fashion but also in outdoor and skateboarding equipment. The journey of how Diskko came to be wasn't always an easy ride, but the maker of Diskko proves that with a little perseverance, cleverness, and planning, anything is possible even when at a young age. The founder, Russell Alexeev, wishes to take his brand one step further to be a company of the future that will make an imprint on current and future generations. For Russell, Diskko is more than just a name, it's a movement.

Diskko's Back Story: Third Time's a Charm

Back in 2012, Russell started a small skate group at his local skate park. They called themselves the "Unique Skateboards." As time progressed, the group split and went their separate ways. Two years later in 2014, Russell and a few friends from high school began "RealWorld Hardware." There, they produced shirts, skating hardware, and stickers. Unfortunately, the team ended up being unprofitable and were poked fun at by their skating community. After a few months, they shut down in late 2015. This, however, did not stop Russell from creating his own brand. He spent the first half of 2016 doing business research and was determined to enter the field with his own flair. By summer of that year, he developed a new plan for a new company, Diskko, which launched in the early summer of 2016. The third time is the charm, and Russell has been blessed with a lot of success in the new endeavor. 

About Russel and the Aim of Diskko

Russell (above) never does his businesses out of money, and Diskko was never any different. He credits his inspiration for the brand to his parents and other business owners he was exposed to growing up. His goal is to make people feel that they are a part of something. As much as Diskko is a company, it's also a community. They tailor each piece they release to a certain idea and historical meaning that relate to a period in disco. For example, the piece of apparel seen in today's feature in Diskko's Gallo Coaches Jacket. The name sake was for "Crazy Joe" Gallo, a New York mafia member who was assassinated at his own birthday during a disco party. These specialized articles of clothing like this aim to give the brand a sense of uniqueness. 

Diskko's Direction for the Future

To Russell, Diskko has become a huge part of his life in the last few months. When he finishes work in school, his goes automatically to working on his brand. All of his free time goes to Diskko, and there is always something new to be done. The brand describes who Russell is and acts as a medium to express his personality since it is based on his thoughts and ideas. It means the world to him when he sees people wearing his clothing or putting his stickers on personal items. He often gets referred to as the "Diskko kid," a new name he has learned to love. In the future, Russell wishes to take Diskko worldwide and create an even more diverse brand. He has already filled for a trademark, a huge step for the coming future. The company is already working with a plethora of international and domestic distributors to find ways to fully impact the skating boarding and fashion scene around the world. Keep them in mind, Diskko and Russel are planning for some big things.

Check out Russell and his brand, Diskko, here.

Featuring Diskko's Graphic Designer, Hunter (left), and Diskko's Founder, Russell (right)