Men's Late Fall Hoodie Look

She’d be proud that I found something to make a difference.
— Zack

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Zack

Love is an emotion that can transcend even death. No matter what path we choose or passion we follow, we remember those who inspired us to do so. An avid track runner, today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion featured individual is Zack who is rocking a men's late fall hoodie look. Zack runs mostly shorter distance competitions and takes part in his high school's 100 meter, 200 meter, and 400 meter events. For him, the sport gives him a purpose and a goal to reach for. It's a passion where Zack has the opportunity to keep progressing in his abilities. Every time he steps onto the starting line, he feels that he gets better each time. As he looks back at his track experience, he witnesses a steady improvement of strength and speed. A person would be extremely proud of Zack's track accomplishments would be his grandmother, who died a few years back.

When he was little, Zack used to live in Jersey City. He remembers walking with his grandmother and mom to a local park every Saturday. His grandmother had a cane, but Zack mentions that it never stopped her from adventuring. Zack recalls his grandmother being quite sweet and forgiving who never complained when he interrupted her show on the television. Instead, she let her grandson watch. Zack's grandma would also solve crosswords with him and would always aid Zack in whatever he needed. For him, she was like a second mom, and he loved her unconditionally. Having a moment with his grandma was no doubt the high of Zack's day. She had to have been one of the most special and influential people in his life.

Things changed when Zack moved into a more quaint and quiet suburban neighborhood in Central Jersey. During this time, his grandmother was moved into a nursing home and hospital. Zack would still see her often and would visit her two to three times per week. He hated having to see her restricted only to a bed or a wheel chair. One of the most tragic times in his life came on May 19, 2010. The young track runner was sleeping when his mother woke him up and gave the news. She said that Grandma had died that day, and it haunted Zack for weeks because he wasn't there to witness her final moments. It hurt to have not been able to see her that morning, and the funeral was filled with a flood of tears. Since then, like many should, Zach has learned to cherish the life he's been given and the lives of others.

Today's Late Fall Hoodie Look

For today's fall fashion inspiration and men's urban street style, Zack is rocking a casual look for a cool December day. From the bottom up, he has on a pair of white, black, and red Air Jordan sneakers. This is followed by a pair of dark tan joggers, an essential for men this season. Then, Zack's wearing a black California hoodie whose colors match those found on his shoes and work great together. Finally, he has on his head a men's timberland hat in a wheat shade that is a similar hue to his joggers, another stellar match. Zack's hoodie look is providing some superb late fall fashion inspiration for any man seeking a stylish and popping outfit for this month. 

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