Women's Light Black Bomber Jacket Outfit

I want the best for him, and I know he thinks the same towards me.
— Nicole

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Nicole

The most rewarding thing in life is the opportunity to change and help the lives of others. Society can be very self centered and interested for its own advancement, which often leaves others behind. Today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion individual is Nicole who has on an awesome light bomber jacket look. Nicole dreams of bringing happiness in the world not only for herself but for many others who haven't seen joy in a while. Her goal in life to become a therapist or counselor for mental illness and addiction. She enjoys learning about the psychology of it in her studies in school. Coupled with a yearning to improve the state of other people, it seems to be the perfect profession when she grows up. For the time being, Nicole recalls someone else in her life which no doubt makes her stay on this Earth better, her brother. 

A Built in Friend for Life

Our brothers and sisters are built in friends for life and a support system when we are down. Having a sibling is one of the best blessings we can be given growing up. For Nicole and her younger brother, Justin, things aren't any different. The pair are like best friends as Nicole puts it. Sometimes, they do annoy each other, but what's new? At the end of the day, she'd do anything for her brother, and he'd do the same for her. They look out for each other and only hope the best. Nicole mentions that he's one of the funniest people she's every known, and his friends are pretty cool to chill with from time to time.  Being close in age, roughly two years apart, Nicole and Justin are very close and have a lot in common including taste in clothes, music, and humor. She hopes to see this strong bond continue in the future.

Having a Little Brother Around

Without her younger brother, Nicole says that her life would be rough. Nicole has an older sister; however, she's already in college leaving just Nicole and Justin. Today's fashion featured individual is thankful to have someone still around to keep her company. Nicole also can't stay mad at her brother either, and family will always be an important pillar in her life no matter what. Her brother and her whole family are always there for her and push Nicole to continue to strive for her dreams. Life wouldn't be the same even if a single family member was missing, and for Nicole, live would be unrecognizable without her little brother. As said before, having a sibling is like having a built in friend for life.

Nicole's Late Fall Bomber Jacket Look

For today's fall fashion inspiration and women's urban style, Nicole is rocking a superb street outfit. Starting at the bottom, Nicole has on a pair of white high top vans which stands out in contrast to the rest of her dark outfit. Next, Nicole is wearing a pair of classic black leggings, an utmost essential for any woman this season and well into winter. Her shirt is black floral crop top. This too stands out for its awesome pattern that really draws the viewer's attention. To keep warm for December fashion, Nicole also includes a light black bomber jacket, one of the hottest trends in the last few months. Finally, to also keep cozy, she has on her head a knit gray beanie. For today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion, Nicole is keeping it real with a great street look.

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