Men's Late Fall Street Fashion 2016

Being a happy kid is all I want, and that’s what I’m going to do.
— Mike

Fashion Featured Individual of the Day: Mike

Today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion featured individual is a young man who is innately happy. Nothing can keep him down, and even if something does, he'll get back up in a heart beat. Those are two characteristics about him that will take him far into the future, and he's ready to start the next chapter. This young man's name is Mike, and he promised to live a happy life since he godfather died a while back. The most important figures in our lives are often from our family. Usually, we tend to think of our parents, grandparents, or siblings, but today, Mike pays tribute to a fantastic uncle who left this world all too soon. People can be taken away from us when we least expect it.

Mike recalls his Uncle Jimmy as a polite, genuine, and humorous guy that he never stopped looking up to as a kid. He adds that he idolized his godfather because he was a man who kept it real. Jimmy had been molding Mike into a young adult ever since Mike was a child. He taught his nephew many important skills such as how to be a grown up, how to treat women, and anything you could possibly teach a youngster. With his godfather, it was always a good time for Michael. They''d just hang out and talk about life, and Jim always told Mike advice such as to live every day like it's the last day. Most importantly, he inspired his nephew to always be positive and happy because life is too short to live it upset. 

Mike treasured every moment with his uncle, especially his uncle's final ones. Jimmy had passed away after a battle with cancer, and the whole family was completely devastated. The day his godfather died, Mike made a vow to live life to its fullest and be grateful as well as to cherish every waking moment in order to honor the memory of his uncle.  Mike knows Jim is watching him from above and that he's be proud of his nephew now and will be down the line. Just like his uncle, Michael strives to be a joyful and genuine man, and he knows that if he can do that, he's on the right track. As said before, we don't exist long enough to be in despair and each minute is a time to appreciate and enjoy what we've been given since we don't know when it could all end.

Today's Men's Fall Street Fashion

Mike is rocking his own urban street style in men's fall street fashion today. First, he's wearing a black hoodie with white graphics along the sleeves. On the outside of this is a men's red plaid shirt to add on some layers in order to keep snug this December. What's also stellar about wearing multiple layers is the ease to remove or add depending on whether the environment is the heated indoors or the chilly outside. This shirt is followed by a pair of men's brown joggers, always a solid choice for these street outfits. Finally, he's wearing some men's black high top vans to go with his black hoodie. Mike's following a darker palette with dashes of Autumn colors to mix the best of this closing season with the beginning of winter. All in all, he's providing great fall fashion inspiration for any man's fall fashion looks.

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