Women's December Jacket and Scarf Outfit

It wouldn’t be the same without any of them.
— Francesca

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Francesca

What's it like to leave behind everyone you've ever known and go to a school where every face is new to you? Initially, its definitely a very uncomfortable experience, and one that we all may dread. Today's New Jersey fashion and teen fall fashion featured individual, who's rocking a jacket and scarf look, had to live through just that. Her name is Francesca, and she had been attending the same school with the same classmates for years from preschool to eighth grade until her family moved. High school wasn't just a new environment; it was in a completely unfamiliar community. Many of us possibly couldn't imagine walking into a building with over 1,200 faces and not being able to name a single one of them, but as time goes on, these faces seem to be given names and personalities that make this place feel like home. 

Since she was four, Francesca had been attending Saint Helena, a Catholic school in New Jersey not all too far from her current residence. Francesca had been going there since she was four years old. All of her best friends from her childhood came from that place. Since they were little kids, they'd been growing up together. Catholic schools aren't as large as they are in other parts of the country, and her grade was composed of only twenty four or so other kids. Due to their small population, Francesca and her peers were extremely close and had ever single class together since the beginning. As they neared their teenage years, the group spoke of the high school each would be attending soon. There was a local one that all of them dreamed of going to, and they promised to all apply. The plan was to spend all their school years together, but for Francesca, this would unfortunately not be a reality. A relocation would cause her to be unable to attend where her friends wanted to be at for the next four years.

Her family transferred to another town in Central Jersey for a variety of pressing reasons. She wrapped up her studies in her old educational institute and said her final goodbyes to the people she'd spent almost the whole last decade with. Francesca's friends were like a second family to her, and it was by no means easy to leave them behind. Up to that point, they were really all she knew, but her freshman year was going to be with people she'd never known before. The night before her first day at this high school in this new town, Francesca could barely sleep which is a feeling most of us would have felt even if we were familiar with the area. As she walked through the halls the next morning, Francesca couldn't have kept from pondering about how these people had known each other forever. Yet, after a week, the new student realized it was going to be okay. In no time at all, Francesca was able to form new and amazing relationships that she couldn't live without today. Sometimes the reality of the situation is much better than our fears of it.

Today's Women's Late Fall Fashion Outfit

For today's New Jersey fashion and December fashion, Francesca is rocking an awesome jacket and scarf look. Starting with the shoes, she has on a fantastic pair of ladies brown combat boots, a perfect choice for the temperature and weather. This is followed some women's gray classic denim, a change up from the usual indigo color. Her shirt is a dark blue crop top, and this is of course followed by her cool women's black collarless jacket. Finally, Francesca is wearing a simple yet interesting white striped scarf. Scarves are a desired way to keep cozy as it gets colder and colder this month. She excellently mixes lighter and darker colors in order to provide some great fall fashion inspiration. This is surely another superb outfit to further enhance any girl's late fall fashion looks.

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