Taking the First Step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
— Laozi

Introducing me, Paulo Makalinao, on this fashion blog. It all began today, on September 25th, 2016. My camera came in, and I was just too excited to start using it. The first thing I did with it was take a mini-photo-shoot of course! This will be my first of hopefully many blog posts. Yet, as you may have already read, this ins't just going to feature me. It'll see many different people with many different styles of there own for you to enjoy and hopefully find inspiration from, as I have. 

Onto today's out fit. From bottom up, we begin with my favorite pair of brown leather driving shoes. Then comes dark blue socks with red and white stripes, followed by a pair of skinny fit chino pants with a brown belt to match the shoes. Note, matching your belt and shoes is must if your belt is visible. However, it's not necessarily to match them perfectly, just somewhere in the ball park.

We move up to a white buttoned shirt, which is short sleeves. This is convenient to have since September weather can still be a bit on the hotter side. Then finally, the accent of the composition, the red cardigan. I felt like I played with a lot of neutral colors for the rest of the outfit; however, the loud red color of the sweater adds a lot of flavor, an eye catcher in a sense. I can't want to make more dapper outfits like this down the line!

Make this outfit: Driving Shoes, Chino Pants, Leather Belt, White Shirt, Red Cardigan (Recreated to the best match on online retail)