A Day in the Park

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein

Sometimes we seem to forget how beautiful nature is around us. I pass by this park on my way home every once and a while, and nothing about it ever seemed so magical or special. That was until I decided it would be a decent place for a little photo shoot on a Saturday afternoon. These photos were actually taken by a great friend of mine and photography enthusiast, Jon. Going back to the my story, upon examining these pictures, I realized how absolutely stunning everyday greenery can be. There's also no better lighting than natural light as well. It's very important that we preserve spaces like this one day in the future. Hopefully down the line, we can remember that having a touch of nature in society is just as important as expanding our urban areas.

The outfit featured is a casual, street look. We begin with a pair of white converse, which can go with a lot of different things. I have on light gray pants and one of my favorite shirts, a graphic tee with a cat. It was made special by my friends over at Spunk Cat, who gave me a custom color of the shirt. On top of that, I have on a long sleeve jean shirt. With the beginning of fall, its a very common and classic look to add on an open button up or button down shirt for more layers. For me, I feel as if the white cat went well with the white shoes, as oppose to just a plain shirt. Graphic tees are definitely a must if you want to give a bit more pop towards a simple outfit. 

Make this outfit: shoes, pants, graphic tee, jean shirt (Recreated to the best match on online retail)