Sweater Weather

My favorite part about fall is becoming closer together as a family.
— Emily

On a beautiful late September day, we have Emily. As we transition into a new season, we transition into new essentials for the fall. Fall happens to be her favorite season. As the leaves begin to change, the true diversity of a simple tree shows itself. For Emily, autumn is not only about the transformation of nature into a more vibrant form, but the coming together of her extended family here in New Jersey. She explains how the fall holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving give her loved ones a chance to bond more often through out the season. 

Emily's outfit today is made of some of the best summer into fall essentials. She's rocking a comfy off-white sweater, something that we don't see in the heat of the prior months. Emily is wearing one of girl's best friends, versatile black leggings. Her wrist shows off an awesome hand-made fish and bead bracelet she made herself. Finally, we get to her brown suede shoes, which is the highlight of the outfit and compliments the rest of it very well.

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