A Certain Charm

I think a lot about what I wear because it’ll ultimately give others a good first impression.
— Kasey

Kasey is a very preppy and dapper dresser. His sense of fashion is heavily influenced by the styles of his rowing team, which he meets with regularly. His mother is also an alumni of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia, both Ivy League schools, whose fashion trends are also reflected upon in Kasey. He mentions that his fashion can give a message of who he is, and he's certainly right that our fashions choices can give an insight to who we are. Kasey is the top of his class and is a diligent, hardworking, intelligent young man who is heavily sought after by the likes of schools such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. 

If there's anything Kasey's outfit displays today, it is his attention to cleanliness and detail. He's rocking a pair of dark brown driving shoes, matching well with his belt. He has on a pair of classic chinos and a colorful, well fitting check shirt. His wrist is sporting a shiny gold colored watch. Although hard to initially see, Kasey is also rocking an awesome pair socks. His outfit centers on nice light colors that fit him extraordinary well, which makes him standout as a very dapper and preppy young man.

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