Light and Bright

Fashion explains my mood of the day
— Mahoro

Featuring Mahoro, who is rocking some light and bright colors, reminiscent of the summer. When asked what her favorite part of summer was, she speaks of her beach days on the Jersey shore and her vacation to Japan. Mahoro was born in Japan, but she was raised here in the United States. She considers America home, but says that its important to realize, appreciate, and understand where you came from and what it took to get to the states. She describes the country as a very clean and organized place and absolutely stunning in the summer time.

She has on an array of pastel colors, but her outfit is definitely fall ready. Her shoes are a pair of high top white converse. White converse are an essential wardrobe must have for their sheer versatility, whether high top or low top. Continuing, she is wearing light wash jeans and finally, a blush knit sweater. Although hard to see, Mahoro also has a brown braided leather belt. All in all, her choice of light colors portrays a mood of joy and liveliness. Although fall is geared towards darker colors, she excellently shows that that doesn't always need to be the case and little dash of summer stands out. 

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