Never Stop Smiling

Dress for what looks good on you, not others.
— David

Featuring David, who is a very happy young man. He's half Puerto Rican and half Italian but has all the suave. David details his love for fall, stating that it gives a rustic tone and calls for darker colors. However, he adds, just because the palette of the fall isn't as bright as the summer, it's still very possible to be vibrant with what you wear. David's outfit today is a key example of how darker colors can still be made to pop. His clothes are eye grabbing also because of the great way he's matched what he wore.

From the bottom up, he has on a pair of Stefan Janoski Nike sneakers. David's also got some dark khaki colored joggers, a comfortable yet stylish choice. His oxblood shirt has many white diving swallows on it. He comments that he loves the randomness of the swallows and how they don't necessarily appear in a set pattern. On his wrist, he has on a Marc Anthony Chronograph watch. The small bits of white color on his outfit are well distributed and certainly add flavor. He proves that a great shirt, pants, shoes, and watch can create a stellar composition. 

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