Straight Out of Prep School

Fashions fade, style is eternal.
— Yves Saint Laurent

Although this outfit reminds me of something worn at Hogwarts or a prep school, I've been attending public educational institutions my whole life. It may be thanks to such a place, where we receive a lot of fashion freedom, where my style evolved to where it is today. The more dapper side of me began when I was twelve. It was ugly sweater day, and to coincide with the theme, I just randomly chose a v-neck sweater out of my older brother's closet. I can remember that I styled that will a pair of slim fitting pants, leather sneakers, and a button down shirt. Surprisingly enough, I got a lot of compliments for something I thought was meant to be ugly. Yet, I felt a new found sense of confidence in this dapper-like clothing. 

Since first getting my foot wet in preppy and dapper clothing, I started building my wardrobe around it. I bought more v-neck sweaters and dress shirts. Then I added in cardigans into the mix along with more leather shoes, this time not sneakers. I learned some simple things along the way. That may include matching your belt and shoes or maybe that you don't have to button the very top unless you're wearing a tie.  As the years went on, this preppy and dapper like way of dressing kept evolving for me. That's truly what our sense of fashion is. It's a gradual evolution. What we wear today today may differ from what we wore a few years ago, especially for young people.

Onto the outfit, from the bottom up, I'm wearing a classic pair of oxfords. My pants are a good fitting pair of skinny chinos. My top is a Harvard v-neck sweater that I got in Boston. Underneath that is a blue and red check shirt. For me, I feel like these four things together can create a timeless look. Although our street wear and what's trending changes constantly, the dapper and preppy styles of fashion tend to stay somewhat similar with variations depending on the generation. Just keep in mind that you don't need to be heading to an Ivy League or boarding school to rock a dapper outfit. Stay classy! 

Make this outfit: shoes, pants, check shirt, v-neck sweater (option 1), v-neck sweater (option 2) (Recreated to the best match on online retail)

The photos today are courtesy of a friend of mine, Althea.