Looking Good

Don’t use budget as an excuse; you can find great clothing at any price.
— Michael

Featuring Michael, a fellow with great words of wisdom about fashion. He describes his love for shopping, saying he like to go to Zara, Banana Republic, and Primark. Although he himself isn't always on a budget, he stresses that it doesn't always take an arm and a leg to look good. Mike dresses to impress, and he hopes his style will inspire others to develop their own. His preferred fashion season is the fall.  He elaborates on how summer clothing is very vibrant and winter tends to be a little more darker, but fall is right in the middle, mixing both very well. He loves movies, his favorite one being No Country for Old Men, as well as politics.

Mike's great look today comes mostly from one of his favorite fashion stores, Banana Republic. From the bottom up, he has on a pair of gray chukka boots, very fitting for the season. Furthermore, Mike is wearing burgundy chinos and a purple flower check shirt. His sweater is an in-season navy shawl cardigan. He's put together some great dark colors and a light shirt for added contrast. Mike's style today is perfect for fall.

Make this outfit: chukkas, pants, check shirt, cardigan sweater (Recreated to the best match on online retail)