Radiate the Vibe

Just be yourself. Don’t try to fit in. Don’t try to copy. Take fragments and make something that’s your own.
— Hallie

Featuring Hallie, who has on a great casual look today. She shares about her summer vacation to Lake George in upstate New York. Her favorite part is going hiking and adventuring in the nearby mountains. She loves being surrounded by nature, the trees, and the breath taking waterfalls. On the lake itself, Hallie recalls how crystal clear and clean it was. Also on Lake George, she went cliff diving and also took a boat to enjoy some tubing on the smooth water.

Hallie's style gives off that California-West Coast vibe, which excellently stands out here in Jersey. She's rocking a white pair of versatile high top converse. Hallie has got on rip and repair jeans, which perfectly cut off where it meets her shoes. Finally, she's wearing a striped oatmeal sweater, perfect for the fall season. All together, her outfit today is the definition of a wonderful cool weather look. 

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