Women's Denim Jacket Street Style

I fought for better, and I have no choice but to be better
— Shawna

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Shawna

America has always been the land of opportunity. It was when it was founded, and there is no reason why it ins't now. Today's January fashion and teen winter fashion individual, Shawna, knows this to be true. Shawna and her family struggled when they first came to the states like almost all immigrants do. Yet, after time and patience, her foothold within her new environment grew stronger as the years marched on. No matter how hard moving to America was, it ultimately produced a better life for Shawna, and she's grateful for it everyday. As much as she loves her original country of Jamaica, her place in the United States is where she calls home. Yet, she still appreciates the family and land where she first came from.

Opportunity is by far the largest reason why anybody immigrates to America, and Shawna recalls that life back in Jamaica had few jobs for her family. They packed up their bags, got their papers, and traveled to what seems to have been a foreign land. This young lady was five years old when she first step foot on American soil, and this was during the winter season. Jamaica has no winter, and it was a crazy adjustment. She remembers that her first coat was bought in the airport. One of the hardest problems she faced first here was school, and Shawna spoke broken English which made her hard to understand. She didn't know how tor read or write either. Time fixes everything, and soon enough, Shawna fully grasped the language. In turn, she was able to make more friends and didn't have any trouble fitting in.

No matter what, it's important to remember and honor where we came from. Who we are is partially derived from our native lands. Shawna calls Jamaican culture a great mix of things encompassing Native American, Spanish, British, and especially African elements. Another important part of who we are is our family. Shawna mentions that she has a huge family from Jamaica with many of whom settled in the states as well. She even has a few relatives living in her current town going to her high school. Shawna is thankful that she has family so close by in the same community because they are able aid Shawna in her problems and continue to push this young lady to her goals. Most importantly, she thanks her parents who brought her here, supported her, and worked hard to establish themselves. It's by no means easy to come to America, and every immigrant deserves appreciation for what they had to have gone through to make it in this great country.

Today's Women's Street Style Look

For today's January fashion and teen street fashion, Shawna is rocking an urban style outfit. At the top, she's wearing a classic women's denim jean jacket which makes for an awesome outer layer. Beneath this and to present another layer of warmth, Shawna has on a women's gray hoodie. This is followed by a pair of sand colored pants and is finally finished with a great pair of ladies' brown combat boots. Her outfit definitely leans more towards neutral tones which blend well together. Overall, Shawna's apparel choices are solid and every piece adds to the full composition. For those reasons, we're really diggin' Shawna's look, and it definitely provides some stellar winter fashion inspiration.

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