The Outdoor Fashion of a Young Henna Artist

Don’t give up until you’re satisfied with the end result.
— Amanda

The Story Behind Today's Featured Individual

What's better than being able to do what we love is being able to do what we love but making money doing it. It's everyone's dream to turn a passion into even just a side job. That's exactly the story of today's January fashion and women's outdoor fashion individual, Amanda, who has been practicing henna for over eight months. Henna involves temporary body art that has been popularized due to its heavy cultural presence in North Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and various Asian countries. It was by no means easy to pick up the skill, but through time and effort, Amanda would eventually turn her love of the art into a way to benefit her community and her own bank account.

Her beginnings with henna trace all the way back to Walt Disney World, and a tradition of hers every time she visited was to get a henna tattoo in the Moroccan pavilion in Epcot. Amanda still goes to Disney quite often, which you can read about here, and her continued henna experience there convinced Amanda to try the art form on her own. Back in April of last year, she ordered her first Henna kit. The first day it arrived, Amanda practiced on her mother, and it was a lot harder than she ever could have expected. She found out that she had to use two hands in order to steady her design while most experienced artists Amanda witnessed only used one. Amanda definitely had a long and difficult learning curve ahead of her.

Then, the young lady began giving hennas to her friends, and after two weeks of practicing almost every single day, Amanda became increasing confident in her ability. After all, the best way to get good at anything is to do it consistently and daily. Eventually, Amanda's friends even began to pay her for her services. After continuing henna for a while, she even created her own henna oriented Instagram for her work which you can check out here. Yet, the most rewarding point in her career involved no profits for Amanda at all. She was asked to do henna at a local Relay for Life event, a cancer donation society. In just a few hours, she was able to make over $200 for the great cause. Good deeds always repay themselves.

These days, Amanda's reputation has been able to earn her jobs at henna parties where she gets paid to perform her skills on other young ladies. Amanda mentions that she's had such a wonderful time doing what she loves for others. Every month, she also takes the time to give herself a henna as well. In general, her experience has taught her that practice truly makes perfect and never to give up until you're satisfied with an end result. For Amanda, it's a fun way to express herself that's not on paper or in a studio but rather on the human body itself. Amanda is a shining example of young ingenuity, creativity, and passion. 

The Featured Women's Outdoor Fashion Look

For today's teen winter fashion and women's outdoor fashion, the young artist is bringing her own awesome seasonal look. Starting with the base of the outfit, Amanda's rocking a pair of women's navy duck boots, perfect for snow, rain, or even shine. Then, she's wearing a set of cozy gray socks with cotton black leggings, always a girl's best friend. The next piece of her apparel is a red, white, and blue flannel, fitting for the winter, that's layered with a women's pink quilted vest. Touching along the little details, on her wrist is a Daniel Wellington watch right next to her own outstanding henna design on her hand. Amanda's not only providing some amazing winter fashion inspiration but also some awesome artistic inspiration.

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