From Basketball to Men's Street Fashion

Your journey to success never stops.
— Quincy

The Face Behind the Fashion: Quincy

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, but if we work and grind hard enough, what we reach for gets a little bit closer. This is true for art, academics, and especially for athletics. Today's teen street fashion, and January fashion individual, Quincy, has been giving it his all in the game of basketball similar to our last men's featured individual, Nick. Quincy began playing since ever since he was a little kid. Growing up, he was a lot taller and bigger than other children his age, giving him a major advantage. Yet, soon his peers would catch up to his height and started bringing the same physicality. As this young man got older, he realized that the intensity he had to put into a game to get ahead had to greatly increase. Yet, there was still no stopping him from becoming even better.

Before he entered high school, Quincy was his team's top and leading player and even won the "Maroon and Steel" MVP award for his efforts, certainly proving himself on the court. Then, his freshman year came along, and he was met with other kids who had already established themselves on the high school team. Quincy, however, was convinced that he could still dominate the junior varsity and varsity leagues. Unfortunately, the only level he was placed in for his first year was just the freshman team, a huge let down that season not only for Quincy but for his family and friends that observed his progression since the very beginning.

Seasons end, and there's always a a new one right around the corner. He knew that varsity had to have plans for him that coming fall, so he pushed himself the summer before he became a sophomore. Quincy was placed in every summer league and worked out daily to get himself varsity ready. The athlete worked diligently to improve all his skills in every aspect of the game. Eventually and before the new season began, his coach saw his determination. Quincy truly proved himself when he started dropping almost 25 points during scrimmage matches. Finally. he earned his spot and became the 6th man on the varsity team. In the future, Quincy is prepared to keep basketball as a pivotal part in his life, and it's turned into a piece of him that he cannot life without.

Today's Featured Men's Street Outfit

For today's teen winter fashion, Quincy is rocking his own men's urban street style. Looking fresh, his outfit starts off with a bright pair of white Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers that definitely pop with their light color. Next, Quincy's wearing some men's grey jogger pants and then a dark graphic hoodie to continue the look. Finally, he's styling a men's grey bomber jacket to complete his set of apparel. Quincy's outfit definitely centers on a monochromatic palette, but he's mixed different shades to provide an awesome overall look. For today's winter fashion inspiration, Quincy's definitely adding to our collection of great men's street outfits.

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