Street Fashion and A Story from Haiti

Always keep fighting to achieve your goal.
— Webster

Today's Words from the Streets of Haiti

There’s a lot of panic surrounding the inauguration of Donald Trump, but at the end of the day, we still live in the best country in existence. What we fail to understand is the conditions of third-world countries and its residents. Compared to what they have, America is well near heaven. Today’s January fashion and men’s urban street style individual, Webster, speaks of his journey to Haiti and the poverty and struggle its people face every day. For Webster, it’s amazing how a country riddled with devastation is still able to keep up its spirits. Also, to see where his mother lived and came from and what she had to fight for to become who she is today was also a real eye opener for Web. His overall experiences on the small island nation have changed his perspective for life.

It’s a country where it’s one-hundred three degrees every single day, and disease flows rapidly through lakes and rivers. Every step you take, there is rubble and destroyed homes caused by constant earthquakes and hurricanes. However, these people of Haiti still get up in the morning, and the first thing they do is pray to thank God for their survival. As Webster describes it, no matter what happens, the people still manage to dance in the streets, laugh with their family and friends, and come together to rebuild their hope. They are truly a selfless people even after the catastrophes that happen. At the end of it all, after all the loss, they continue to have the strength and faith to keep moving on. In America, we take for granted our safety, but such a luxury is not guaranteed everywhere.

Webster’s mother didn’t have an easy life. She watched her brother die in her arms, and she had to live and fend for herself alone. His mom was once a poor girl but she fought her way out of it and became a doctor with three sons.  For Webster, this woman is one of the greatest humans to walk the earth. No doubt, this mother is the definition of the American dream and then some. During his stay in Haiti, Webster relived his mom’s conditions before she came to the states. He cut grass, cleaned clothes by hand, fished, gathered water, and carried rocks and rubble. For two days he didn’t eat because he fed the young children there. Yet, he learned to look on the bright side and observed a people who managed to stay happy in difficult times. His experiences in Haiti have always given him one thing: hope.

Today's Featured Men's Street Look

Webster's rocking his men's urban street style for today's featured look. His layers are quite light. Yet, sometimes the sun breaks through the clouds in New Jersey, and we get a day of fifty degree weather in the winter. Starting at the very bottom of his look, Web has on a pair of popping blue and orange sneakers. Moving on, he's wearing some men's black jogger pants, which are an essential piece for many men's street outfits. Next, Webster has on a plain black v-neck t-shirt, simple but classic. On top of that, he's rolling with a green baseball jersey, an article of clothing that's not seen too often, but this young man is still looking absolutely cool in it nonetheless. To finish off his look, Web's crowned himself with a men's black Nike visor. All in all, Webster's delivering some great teen street fashion.

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