Women's Blue Button Up on a Drizzly Day

I can spend time doing what I love with my family and friends.
— Brianna

Today's Featured Fashion Individual: Brianna

Our biggest fans in life are often our parents. They're there to push us to our limits in hopes to get us to the best we can be. We may not agree with their methods, but they always try to guide us with love. Today's January fashion and teen winter fashion, Brianna, has been playing the sport of softball since she was five. One of her long time coaches is her dad, who is continuously giving her advice in softball as well as in general. She couldn't possibly live without either the sport or her father, and this young lady is grateful to have both of them in her life. There is no shortness of enjoyment when she's out on the field doing what she loves with her biggest fan watching her from the dugout.

Softball has always been a huge part of Brianna's life ever since she started going to school. She's had to sacrifice countless weekends for travel games, but this young athlete has gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of people and learn a lot of lessons. She's now also understands the meaning of hard work. Importantly, she's realized that in softball, outcomes are determined by certain choices and sacrifices, and life isn't so much different. Her passion also allows her to express her feelings and her emotions in ways that are difficult to portray with words. Some of the best friends she's made also come from the sport, and Brianna's made a second family out of her team and the coaches that have been with her for the last four years.

Brianna's dad, one of her coaches, has also played a significant role during her softball experience. She mentions that they may never agree on certain occasions, and it can be hard to take criticisms. They butt-heads a lot, but as Brianna puts it, it's only because it's a trait they share. At the end of the day, Bri knows that her father only means to make her a better athlete. Softball has kept them close and gives them the opportunity to flourish a healthy relationship. Practicing together has created a close bond and makes time for father and daughter to spend with each other. A big reason for her to play hard has always been to make her dad proud since he's also invested a lot in making Brianna the player she is today. 

Today's Awesome Women's Featured Outfit 

It's a pretty warm yet drizzly January day, but even in the rain, Brianna's still rocking some awesome teen fashion inspiration. It's a simple look, but nonetheless, her apparel comes together to form a great outfit. Beginning with the shoes, Brianna's styling a pair of women's java colored ankle boots. Next, she has on some ladies' black skinny jeans to continue her darker tones. Then, Brianna's wearing a women's royal blue button up shirt that really pops. She's definitely picked nice solid shades to compose her look. For today's featured outfit, Brianna's providing a stellar set of apparel that'll still be great well into the spring.

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Sorry I didn't bring an umbrella, Brianna! You still absolutely looked fabulous no matter what the weather was!