From France To Fashion

Family really matters, and even with distance, they’re always close to you.
— Saharat

The Face Behind the Fashion: Saharat

The world is full of new experiences waiting for us especially in other countries with different people, different attitudes, and a different culture. For today's teen winter fashion and January fashion featured individual, Saharat, visiting France with his father for Christmas was more than just a simple vacation; it was a once in a life time experience because the conditions of it may never be replicated again. The country is home to Saharat's grandmother who he'd only seen one other time in his life. Saharat's trip also portrays both the reason to go out and travel the world as well as to cherish the limited time we have with family.

The first thing he noticed about France was how people interacted within society. He described the French people as incredibly honest and open. They are more direct and to the point and aren't afraid to share their opinion. However, their openness also allows them to form closer relationships with their family, neighbors, and friends. Being that it was Christmas time, Saharat also remembered that the city of Paris was filled with Christmas markets where entire streets were closed down in order to set them up. The markets were lined with small shops that served pastries, wine, and candies with lights that illuminated the boulevards. What also stood out to him besides the famous Eiffel Tower or Louvre in Paris was the giant Ferris Wheel where from all the way up, the whole City of Lights could be viewed.

What made France more than just a visit was the fact that his grandmother lived there. It was the first Christmas that Saharat had ever shared with her. Saharat mentions that he was heavily spoiled by his grandma during his holiday stay. Sharing details about her, he says his grandmother also embodies that "direct" mentality of France too. Saharat says that she'll speak what's on her mind. She also jokes too, especially about kids, since her former occupation as a teacher allows her to understand the younger generation more. For Saharat, this was a season of firsts, but for his father, it was a time of nostalgia. His dad was able to relive his earlier years back in France and see his mother. Saharat mentions that when it came time to leave, he had to hug his father who was tearing up at the end of the holidays. Our young fashion featured individual had learned two things on his journey. Even with distance, family is still close to you, and always take the opportunity to travel. 

Bringing Today's Featured Men's Attire 

For today's January fashion and teen winter fashion, Saharat is rocking an outfit inspired by the style he saw in France. Starting at the bottom, Saharat is wearing  a pair of suede, black, low top shoes to begin the look. He also has a black belt to match as well. Then, this young man is wearing some classic men's khaki chino pants. Next, his top is first composed of a men's white button up that includes a dapper blue striped tie. To finish off his outfit, Saharat is also styling a great beige v-neck sweater that continues his overall neutral tones. His choice of colors also allows for his blue tie to stand out very well. For today's winter fashion inspiration, Saharat is without a doubt providing an incredible men's look. 

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