Navy Ponchos and Rainy Days

It was if I had gotten stabbed in the back twice.
— Sara

The Face Behind the Fashion: Sara

The sweetness of a triumph can never truly be felt if there was no hardship that preceded it. Life is roller-coaster, and it has its ups, downs, loops, and spins that can throw us off course. Today's January fashion and teen winter fashion individual, Sara, was faced with two sets of disappointing news in a single day. One after the other, Sara found out that she didn't make her high school's science academy and that her close cousin was diagnosed with cancer. It was a grief-filled and more than disappointing time, but two weeks later, it'd all be turned around. Sarah's spirits would be lifted again. Soon, the light would shine through the rainy clouds.

When Sara came home one day, she anxiously ripped open a letter from her school giving her the results of a possible acceptance to the STEM division. She didn't make it, and to add even more hurt, her mother informed her that her favorite cousin, Alex, was afflicted with Acute Leukemia. Sara mentions that it was as if she had been stabbed in the back twice that day. The young lady couldn't quite make out how to feel except that she was greatly upset and angry with the world. After a couple of days, Sara visited Alex in his New York hospital. He had gone from energetic and happy to broken and weak only at the age of 17. He didn't deserve what had happened to him in the slightest.

During this time, Sara was in the varsity winter guard program in her district. Two weeks after the saddening news was told to her, she had a home show for the guard. She tried to see if Alex could attend, but unfortunately, his current condition was too fragile. However, Sara would still dedicate the performance to him. She wished to make the show just as special as her cousin was to her. Her routine went extremely well, but the darker theme of show which centered around shades of black and featured Lana Del Rey's "Young and Beautiful" was enough to bring Sara to tears during the show. Following the tearful and emotional performance, Sara's team took first place in their category which cemented the experience as one that she'll never forget especially since it was in dedication to her ill family member. Fast forward to the present and she says that these days, Alex is doing much better and is healthier as well as back to his usual, joyful self.

Today's Featured Women's Look

Sara's looking absolutely great in her featured teen winter fashion look even in the rain! At the base of it all, she's wearing a pair of ladies brown riding boots with some cozy burgundy boot-cuffs, a superb combo. This is followed by a women's burgundy skirt and a bright white turtle neck crop top. Finally, Sara has on a women's navy poncho lined with stripes taken from the shades of her other pieces of apparel. Her matching is definitely stellar, and her darker centered palette creates a great composition. For today's winter fashion inspiration, Sara is providing a stellar outfit for the season, and her look will never cease to impress.  

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