Women's Winter Fashion and Field Hockey

I had my heart set on making the team because I really wanted to follow my sister’s footsteps.
— -Julianna

The Face Behind the Fashion: Julianna

Our hard work and dedication never end. Once we hit our goal, a new one to reach for arises and the struggle is never truly over. Today's teen winter fashion and January fashion featured individual, Julianna, had her heart set on making the varsity field hockey team in her first year of high school so that she could follow in the footsteps of her older sister, Jennelle.  Once she made the team, Juli was faced with a whole other beast, the actual season itself. However, she also had her heart set on succeeding on the team once she made it in too. Her experiences were always an uphill battle, and the odds were usually against her. Yet, she wouldn't let a little challenge weigh her down. 

For the whole summer preceding her freshmen year, Julianna and her older sister spent hours practicing. She took every opportunity to improve herself, but at some practices, Juli had doubt of getting her spot on the team. Although the circumstances weren't always in her favor, Julianna found the strength to keep coming back to the field and pushing harder than she did the day before. The hard work did pay off, and she was given the coveted varsity jersey, being the only freshman to do so. Receiving that jersey was one of her life's biggest accomplishments, but with a new responsibility, the true battle had only begun.

Making varsity was equally as scary as it was rewarding. In her very first scrimmage, Julianna got carded and yelled at by her coach. By the very first game, she was still extremely nervous. Yet, Juli knew she was put on the team for a reason, and she had to own up to it. Eventually, the young player got to start in one of the matches. It went into overtime in that very intense game, but she was able to score her first goal in varsity. That's a moment that she'll have with her forever. The season itself, unfortunately, was pretty rough, but just like when she first started, Juli still put her all into it. By the end, Julianna realized that there's always going to be struggles and obstacles, but it's all about having the spirit to tackle them.

The Featured Women's Look of the Day

Featured for today's winter fashion inspiration, Julianna is styling a black based outfit, characteristic of the darker tone of season. On the outside, she's rocking women's gray trench coat which is contrary to the color of the rest of her outfit but is nonetheless a great choice. Next, Juli has a on women's cowl neck sweater dress that extends to the length of her outerwear. Then, to finish off her look, she has on a pair of ladies' black over the knee boots, a new piece of apparel to the blog, and some classic ladies' black tights. All together, her stellar composition adds to our fabulous collection of winter looks for any woman. 

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