Men's Classic American Style

Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.
— Bill Nye

Living in a Beautiful World

I tend to hold a high faith in the world. As I look across the lake on a brisk January day, I gravitate towards believing that the trees and the birds that inhabit the area will still be here one hundred years down the line. By then, I don't think I'll be alive, but maybe my children and grandchildren will be, should I be blessed with having any. We live on a beautiful planet, and our primary concern in this life time must be to preserve what it holds because if we don't take care of it, it won't be safe anymore. As I said, I'l like to think that we will learn take care it. I'd like to think that we will turn it around before its too late, and I'd like to think that the generations to come will enjoy the graces of nature someday.

Yet, I'm increasingly alarmed that many people don't believe in climate change. There are some people who run our government that deny its existence. There is plethora of scientific evidence to back it up.  Besides the nonbelievers, there is another side to climate change, and that's the economy. The burning and consumption of fossil fuels is a huge market. If we wiped it out, that'd cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs. The oil industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. It's a moral dilemma to either unemployed many today or save the planet tomorrow, and I don't believe the oil companies want to lose their money either. There is no way to just end the harmful emissions swiftly. There does a exist a solution though: a gradual change towards more clean energy, which some places are doing. We don't have to hit the breaks right away; we just have to start lightly tapping them a little more than we are now especially here in America.

There are small things we can do as individuals to slow or stop climate change. As President Obama said, if we can keep our tires inflated, oil consumption can be cut down by 3-4 percent. Sure, that doesn't sound huge, but consider this: the global temperature has only risen around 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit but has already had drastic effects. No number is insignificant. In European countries, they're pushing the use of mass transit over automobiles, and even just car pooling here in the US is a great way to contribute to slowing climate change. There's probably even more than I can do myself. I just hope that we all can do even just a bit more, and maybe the beauty of the lake I'm observing can be observed decades down the line.  

Today's Classic American Style

For today's January fashion and teen winter fashion, I'm rocking some classic American style. Beginning at bottom, I have on a pair of men's brown combat boots, undoubtedly my favorite shoes now. I just love every set of boots I get. The next piece of my apparel is some medium wash jeans which never fail. The top portion of my outfit is made of three pieces. First is the gray striped dress shirt followed by a gray v-neck sweater in a darker shade. Finally, I have on a men's Sherpa collar jacket in navy as my outwear to keep cozy by the chilly lake. For today's winter fashion inspiration, this is a taste of my own style.

Make this outfit: boots, jeans, dress shirt, sweater, jacket (Recreated to the best match on online retail)

Photos taken thanks to Alvaro

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