The Sisters Rocking Winter Fashion Looks

Friends may come and go but sisters are forever.
— Anonymous

The Story Behind the Featured Fashion Sisters

We're always talking about family. Whether you were born into your family or they developed throughout your life, they are one of the most vital groups of people. Today's January fashion and teen winter fashion individuals are two sisters, Sarah (black coat) and Yasmeen (green parka), who have been close for as long as they can remember. They spend a lot of time with each other and can always have fun no matter the circumstances. Of course, no relationship is ever perfect, but when the sisters do fight, all it takes is five minutes to reconcile. Now almost full grown, this pair of young ladies are both currently in high school, pushing each other each step of the way.

Sarah and Yasmeen always kept similar interests when they were little. They shared the same love of Disney movies such as the iconic High School Musical or Cheetah Girls. Both would always sing along to the music, and that's something they still do today whenever a familiar tune surfaces. As the big sister, Sarah remembers that she would tell her sister what to do all the time, and she'd listen. Nowadays, it seems as if the roles reversed, and Yasmeen is telling her what to do. However, Yasmeen still has a deep respect for her sister as Sarah helps guide Yasmeen through the inns and outs of being a teenager. It gives both of them a sense of comfort to know that someone will always be there for them in these environments.

When one sister hurts, the other one hurts with her. Around eight or so summers ago, Sarah, Yasmeen, and their childhood friends were racing on their scooters to see who could go the fastest. Surely, anybody can relate to this experience as young kids on the street. Sarah kept going quicker and quicker until she lost control and fell smack flat on top of her scooter. It left a huge gash on her leg and resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Yasmeen followed her sister to the hospital, even more terrified, shocked, and crying. Once they returned home, the situation was behind them. Yet, at this point, Sarah was able to realize how much her younger sister loved and cared for her. The feeling, of course, is mutual and still is to this day. 

Today's Featured Women's Winter Fashion Looks

For today's winter fashion inspiration, each of these young ladies is bringing their own style and outfit to the table. Beginning with Sarah, she's rocking a pair of ladies' brown leather ankle boots and a pair of ripped classic denim jeans which go perfectly with her shoes. Her top is composed of a women's cowl neck sweater dress, providing cozy coverage by the collar. Sarah's jacket to finish off her look is a women's wool winter coat in black, providing a nice darker piece compared to the rest of her lighter outfit. Moving onto to her younger sister, Yasmeen's apparel begins with a pair of ladies' black riding boots, always a great and popular choice. This followed by some ladies colored pants and a warm women's fur trimmed parka in green. For today's teen winter fashion and January fashion, each sister is keeping stylish and toasty this season.

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