Outdoor Adventures and Men's Outdoor Fashion

I was so captivated on the scenery I almost forgot that I could live here.
— Nick

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Nick

For his whole life, Nick, today's January fashion and men's outdoor fashion individual, has lived in the American Northeast around the New Jersey and New York area. However, the first time he viewed the western side of the country, he fell in love. Nick's always been an adventurous and active young man. He enjoys cliff jumping and any physical challenge.  After being exposed to places like California, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, he experienced the exciting outdoor scene and wants to live out an exciting life out there filled with a new journey each day. His vacations to the west have also inspired him to want to become a vlogger of all his crazy activities when he decides to move out there when he grows older.

On a recent trip, he was surrounded by landscapes of Colorado. He recalls that one night, he was sitting outside and felt as if he found where he belonged. The sky was crystal clear with a view of the mountains in the distance, and it inspired a sense of exploration inside of him, something he's never felt out in the East Coast. Also on that trip out west, he visited Lake Powell on the border of Utah and Arizona. The area was barren and red, a scenery so unique that it captivated Nick and reminded him of Mars. Lake Powell was also filled with an assortment of interesting and nerve racking activities and sports that delivered a thrill that no amusement park could match.

One of the excursions Nick did along the lake was cliff jumping. Nick and his friend, Rich, rented out a jet ski and searched for cool spots to jump off of. The warm water was surrounded by cliffs anywhere from 30 to 200 feet high. For Nick, going cliff jumping has always been an awesome excursion. The feeling of free falling has always been his favorite part because it's the one of only ways to replicate the experience without dying. Being in the air feels like forever for Nick too. That one to two seconds feels more like ten, and you have time to think to yourself and savor the moment. Then, it all ends with a hit in the water and plunging deep into the lake before resurfacing. Whether he's cliff jumping, hiking, jet skiing, or blazing trails on a BMX bike, Nick has learned that living an active life is the key to living a fulfilling one. 

Today's Men's Outdoor Fashion Look

For today's featured look, Nick is rocking some men's outdoor fashion, and there couldn't have been any better outfit to portray his adventurous personality. First, his top is composed of two pieces from Ambercrombie. This includes a men's heather grey t-shirt with a couple cool graphics in the center whose colors match his men's green, plaid, flannel shirt. Next, he's wearing a pair of men's khaki jogger pants and some white Nike canvas shoes. Also to match the palette of sneakers, Nick's outfit finishes off with a white apple watch to monitor his fitness during his trips. For today's January fashion and teen winter fashion, Nick's apparel provides a stellar look for the casual but daring young man.

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