Self Acceptance and a Green Poncho

And now it’s the opposite. I’m so happy now.
— Alexandra

Today's Fashion Featured Individual: Alexandra

We live in our insecurities. The imperfections we have are the only things we can see on certain days, and what makes us beautiful gets disregarded. Yet, sometimes it's the environment were exposed to that makes us feel this way and not so much ourselves. For the longest time, today's teen winter fashion and January fashion individual, Alexandra, has struggled with the way she looked and always had a low self esteem. Alex mentions that the crowd she use to hang out with wasn't always the most positive, and from them, she picked up a couple of bad habits. She remembers that she use to dress down so no additional attention would come her way, and Alex stopped caring for the way she looked which ended in some weight gain. Alexandra use to be so paranoid that it affected her academically and feared being judged all the time. Yet, once this young lady realized what was happening to her, she was determined to turn it all around.

Last summer, Alex recognized all her unhappiness, and the first thing she did was cut out all the negative people in her life. She also stopped all her unhealthy behaviors too. In order to put herself back on the right track, Alexandra put herself in places she never thought she'd find herself like field hockey. It was a huge and rough challenge, and Alex had never faced anything as rigorous before. It was draining both physically and mentally but the new athlete pushed herself and believed that she could finish and finish strong. It really took a lot out of her, but she knew she wouldn't have been able to get through the season without her friends on the team that never stopped being encouraging.

A friend that contributed a lot was a team mate of Alex's, Helena. She says that Helena's always been there for her at all times and no matter what. Alex recalls that she'd even drop by her house when things were getting a bit challenging. In addition to healthy habits, a new found drive, and large support group of loved ones, Alex has picked up the pieces and is now in a better mental place. Compared to a year ago, she comments that her self esteem has skyrocketed. As a result Alexandra finds her self dressing the way she wants and looking the way she wants. Helena is also responsible for some of Alex's fashion inspiration as well, and this new fashionista couldn't have been more grateful to have such a stellar best friend. Today, Alex knows that she's become the best version of herself and is proud of how far she's come in the last couple of months. Most importantly, Alex has learned to look in the mirror and love the person staring back at her. 

Today's Awesome Women's Green Poncho Apparel

For today's January fashion and teen winter fashion, Alexandra is snug and cozy in an amazing green poncho look. The very first piece of her apparel begins with the ladies' black, lace up, ankle boots which are a stellar pair of shoes for the winter season. This is followed by a pair of of medium wash, classic denim jeans that never fail to deliver. Her top is made by two separate pieces. The under layer is a comfy women's white knit sweater, a simple but perfect choice for the next part of clothing. Finally, the center piece of the look, the women's green poncho. It's decorated with a stripe of cable knitting as well as fringing at the bottom and cozy collar at the top. Ponchos always present themselves as an awesome and interesting addition to any outfit, and along with her great color choices, Alex is providing some top notch winter fashion inspiration.

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