The Impact of Participating in Sports + Quintessential Fall Fashion Pieces

We cry together. We laugh together. We play together. We win together, and we lose together. And I’m thankful to share such a great bond.
— Kailie

The Face Behind the Fashion: Kailie

Being involved in sports is a crucial part of our human experience. It presents challenges and difficulties that ultimately result in pulling out the best in an athlete. Kailie, today's October fashion featured individual, has been playing soccer since she was four and says she has fallen in love with the sport ever since. Of course, it has changed pretty drastically since her younger days but the concept of the sport still stands. Today, the girls are much bigger and tougher which makes for an increasingly more intense game. Aside from soccer, Kailie also finds herself fond of track and runs the dreaded 400-meter hurdles where every race is really a race against the clock. 

No sport would be worth playing without any kind of adversity. In the realm of soccer, Kailie finds herself playing different positions every game challenging her to be confident in her skills wherever she is placed. In track, Kailie is on a constant quest to improve her personal record season after season, meet and meet, and practice after practice. Kailie strives to be better than before even when it seems impossible. She has to push herself even when she'd rather be at home at her own leisure. From either sport, Kailie has realized that an occasional tough performance doesn't equate to a bad player or runner. She remembers not starting on the girl's soccer team her first year and falling on her face during the first hurdle practice. But it didn't make her quit; instead, she had a desire to keep trying harder each and every time she stepped onto a field or a starting marker. 

Taking part in a sport shows you what it's like to have a second family. Currently on her varsity high school soccer team, Kailie gets to see her teammates every day where they cry, laugh, play, win, and lose together. Kailie is incredibly grateful to share such a great bond with these girls regardless of the outcome of their season. At her other travel team, Kailie has very similar experiences and makes sure to cherish every memory even more because these aren't players she sees all the time at school. When track rolls around, the idea of a family bond doesn't change. Although the events are often independent, Kailie mentions that you never feel alone. There are always teammates standing around the track telling you that someone's close behind (even though sometimes there isn't) just so you'll run faster. Sports are incredibly challenging, but at the end of it all, there's always a team to cheer you on every step of the way. 

Quintessential Fall Pieces this October

Today's Kailie bringing her own flavor of fall fashion this season made of three great pieces. First, she has a pair of ladies' brown riding boots which are a popular choice of footwear at this time of the year. Next, Kailie's wearing a classic denim jacket, the quintessential piece of outerwear this October. Finally, she has on a navy floral mini dress which alludes to that summer vibe that still lingers in the unusually warm air. Certainly, her two shades of blue work very well with her leather boots to create an awesome look for today's fashion blog post! 

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