Brotherhood On and Off the Track + UO and Pacsun Streetwear Ideas

Be yourself, motivate each other, have similar goals, and be truthful.
— Dane and Charlie

The Duo Behind the Fashion: Charlie and Dane

They were brothers as young kids, and now they're brothers on the track. Today, Dane and Charlie are the featured duo of October fashion presenting their shared story. The two met all the way back in kindergarten, and they've been best friends since. They grew up playing basketball together and bonded no matter the sport they played. Now older and wiser, the boys are also much more driven and motivated. They have since found a bright future in the world of track fueled by an ambitious mindset. Together, Charlie and Dane encourage each other to improve as well as to both literally and physically stay on track in their sport and their school work. This similar mentality is their greatest commonality.

Originally track was the hobby and basketball was the lifestyle, but the tables have turned, and the boys see a great opportunity in track. Between the pair, Charlie was the first to enter the sport with Dane joining two years later grinding and working hard all throughout the summer in order to reach Charlie's level. Even while not in season, Charlie and Dane put in around 3 hours training per day. The boys are never complacent about their ability and are in a continuous search to be faster. Currently, the main event of Dane is the 400 meter while Charlie's is the 800. They both run the 4x400 with Charlie being included in his high school's record for that event. Charlie also hopes to break the 800 record as well before he leaves.

The ultimate vision is to continue running track up into college. Charlie and Dane both look to attend Rutgers and as two academically driven young men, would like to take up a future in engineering. They both see their friendship lasting long and say that the best way to keep a strong bond is to just be yourself, motivate each other, be truthful, and keep similar goals. Charlie and Dane also share an incredible bond with their other teammates in track such as Zach (featured last year) and Noah (being featured soon), and the four are always together whether on or off the field. Similar to the message said early this week, participating in a sport is a gateway not only more opportunity but also to an incredible sense of family. 

Presenting Two Different Streetwear Looks

Today, the boys are presenting two streetwear ideas for the season. Charlie (on the left) is wearing a more Urban Outfitters-esque look wearing a men 's embroidered hoodie, red and black varsity jacket, ripped jeans, and a pair of men's Adidas Primeknit shoes. Dane (on the right) is rolling with more Pacsun vibes rocking a fall flannel hoodie, men's light wash denim jeans, white Nike Air Max sneakers, and topping it off with a white Under Armour Hat. Regardless of their different variations of street style, both of them offer a great outfit for fall fashion inspiration. Why look fly all alone when you can be fly as a dynamic duo?

Make their outfits at Pacsun, UO, Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas