A Tale of Two Siblings and the Perfect Striped Fall Outfit

We come from two different worlds but share the same blood.
— Brielle

The Face Behind the Fashion: Brielle

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree, but two apples that fall from the same tree may land on opposite sides. Brielle, today's October fashion featured individual, is highly competitive in the sports that she plays which includes softball and field hockey. She enjoys the memories, the time with teammates, the feeling of the bat hitting the ball, the anxious sensation right before she steps onto the field, and the intense pressure with every play. Brielle represents the athletic side of her family without a doubt but also presents quite the contrast with her musical older brother, Quinn (his post here). Although they are close siblings, their interests lie on different ends.

Ever since they were children, Quinn would be the one putting on musicals in the playroom while Brielle would sit with her father watching the Yankee game. They would grow up to both be stars but one on the stage and one on the grass, but this difference wouldn't stop Brielle and Quinn from sharing a close attachment. The two come from separate worlds but also share the same blood. Brielle has never missed one of Quinn's shows, and Quinn finds time in his busy schedule to watch his sister from the sidelines. The younger sister finds herself lucky to be able to witness the life of a brother who's never been afraid and knows his place in the world. Brielle calls Quinn her best friend and wouldn't want to have it any other way. 

Brielle says it's a lot of pressure to be the sibling of Quinn who has had many accomplishments in his field and has been incredibly successful. Yet, it has been even harder to watch him leave for college. At first, it didn't seem so lonely, but after a while, the house felt empty. For Brielle, it was normal to hear the sound of her brother's voice as he sang in the shower, so now when she hears nothing at night, it makes her miss him that much more. He left at a time when their relationship had grown much stronger than it had been as children, and life today just feels all the more strange with one less person in the household. Cherish your siblings while you're still with them because you won't always be together forever. 

The Stellar Style of the Season

Brielle recalls bickering with Quinn over clothes as little kids, and so it's not surprising that having a well-formed sense of style is a trait both of them share. To add to our fall fashion ideas, Brielle has on an awesome October outfit. First, her shoes are a pair of brown, knee-high, lace-up boots which have long, gray socks underneath. Next, Brielle's wearing ladies' high rise navy shorts that lead perfectly into a white, navy, and red striped sweater, a key piece for the season. As for the accessories, she has a Letter B Necklace! Together, all these items create a great look that highlights a lot of the stellar apparel that can be worn at this time of the year.

Boots (Amazing Lace), Shorts (Urban Outfitters), Sweater (Forever 21)