The Connection of a Man and His Dog + The Yellow Rain Jacket Outfit

I’ve grown to like everything about this dog.
— Dillon

The Face Behind the Fashion: Dillon

A man's best friend is his dog especially when that dog has been with you nearly all of your life. Dillon, today's October fashion featured individual, has grown up alongside his own dog, Jack, who is a yellow lab. Now, Jack's getting old and as the inevitable approaches, Dillon reminisces about the times he's had with his greatest companion. Oddly enough, the first day that Dillon and his family brought Jack home, he ran away. Dillion remembers the police department looking quite frantically along Main Street until his dad stood right in the middle of the road and Jack just "went straight to him." It would be first of many interesting yet fond recollections of Jack that have become more meaningful as Jack's days come to a close. 

Jack has been an integral part of Dillon's childhood, and all of Dil's fondest memories as a kid include Jack one way or another. Whenever he'd visit his grandpa in Florida, Dillon's family would be Jack along for the eighteen-hour car ride. As the youngest of three, Dillon would be stuck in the back but had Jack there as company, and then the ride wouldn't seem so dreadful. While playing sports as a child, Dillon remembers that Jack would "go to my football games and baseball games. He'd be sitting there in the bleachers." Jack would also play with Dillon in the woods just down the street. When Hurricane Sandy rolled through New Jersey in 2012, Jack was there to experience it too. Dillon and Jack have certainly seen thick and thin over the past decade. 

Having Jack has just been so common that not having him someday would create a large hole in Dillon's life. Hearing Jack snore as he does homework has evolved into a pleasant white noise. Seeing Jack frolick in the snow during the winter is an occasion to look forward to. Today, Jack's more than thirteen, and he's in a lot of pain. Although nothing can truly replace Jack, Dillon knows that he'll have to get another dog because not having one would just be so unusual. Now that Dillon has his own source of income and has matured, he knows that he's ready to tackle the challenge of having another one. In honor of Jack, Dil will make sure that his next best friend is also partially a yellow lab. "This is what my heart is telling me to do, to have my own dog."

Exploring the Outdoors with a Yellow Rain Jacket

If you want to lean more towards the adventurous side,  Dillon has a bit of men's outdoor fashion inspiration for October! Of course, this rain jacket outfit centers around a cool yellow rain jacket, an iconic color for when when the clouds begin to shower. Under that, Dillon's wearing a classic white tee, and as for the pants, he's wearing a pair of jeans that never fail to be a good choice. On his feet, he's rolling with a pair of fall Timberland boots which have been more prominent in street style lately but will always have their origins for the outdoors. To top it all off, Dil's also wearing a tan dad hat from Timberland to fully complete his venturous vibe. 

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I believe I promised a picture of Jack?